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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
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There are many great places you could visit on vacation. Disneyland, the Grand Canyon, the Eiffel Tower... or maybe a freaky island full of broken, creepy dolls.

If you'd take the deliciously eerie option every time, chances are you're a horror fan - and you'd love to visit these beautifully creepy places...

1. St George's Church

Location: Czech Republic

This Czech church was abandoned in 1968 when the ceiling fell in in the middle of a funeral! Now artist Jakub Hadrava made these creepy statues in the pews, making the church a must-see on the world circuit of the freaky.

2. The Chapel of Bones

Location: Portugal

The walls and features are genuinely studded with thousands of real human bones, including the remains of over FIVE THOUSAND monks!

Making churches and buildings out of bones is a whole thing - for more on Ossuaries see here.

3. The Island of Dolls

Location: Mexico

The island is rumored to have been home to a drowned girl decades ago, and it is her spirit that possesses the dolls left in tribute to her. Locals report seeing the dolls' eyes, heads and arms move, and reports even note the dolls whispering to each other at night.

4. The Hill of Crosses

Location: Lithuania

One single hill in the Eastern European country of Lithuania is covered in over 100,000 crosses. It has been named a place of peace by Papal decree.

5. The Freeman Ranch Body Farm

Location: Texas, USA

This amazing scientific research facility is a vast area of land in Texas where donated human corpses are left exposed to the elements. Scientists then study different rates and factors of decomposition in an effort to improve forensics and crime scene analysis. More on the body farm here.

6. Parma's Abandoned Psychiatric Hospital

Location: Italy

Urban legend tells tales of a deranged doctor who mentally and physically abused his patients... now the empty halls of this facility have been made extra creepy/awesome with the addition of these spectral paintings.

7. Avian Suicide Village

Location: Northern India

Jatinga, India is home to a strange phenomenon: once a year in September, thousands of birds kill themselves. Seriously, the birds - for some bizarre unknown reason - voluntarily dive bomb themselves into the ground of the village, with locals even offering tours for the curious to see this peculiar mass avian suicide take place.

8. Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave

Location: Belize

This cave in Belize only looks mildly spooky from the outside, but the weirdness starts within. Over a dozen adult and child skeletons lie inside, victims of ancient Mayan human sacrifices. The picture above shows the skull of a teenage girl, perfectly calcified over the centuries.

9. Chauchilla Cemetery

Location: Peru

Local custom means that people are often given an 'above ground burial' - the weather is so dry that the bodies are pecked at by birds and animals until the perfectly clean skeletons remain. These ancient burial grounds are even beautiful in their own strange way.

10. Sagada Hanging Coffins

Location: The Phillippines

The Igorot tribe in the Phillipines have an unusual custom - they bury their dead in hanging coffins. They believe that the deceased should be raised closer to the sky, bringing them nearer to the spirits of their ancestors.

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