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Disneyland! A wonderful place full of your favorite characters, awesome rides and rollercoasters..and the occasional celebrity it seems!

Of course every person that goes to Disneyland is so excited and happy to be there, happy to live for a day like you are in a Disney movie, and celebrities are no exception!

Take a look at this list of celebrities having lots of fun at Disneyland!

1. Gerard Butler

Wonder if he's noticed the tartan waistcoat on the guy in front?!

2. Will Ferrell

Looking a bit like Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?!

3. Hugh Jackman

Because even Wolverine is allowed to like Disney.

4. Kate Hudson

Maybe she should be in some action movies?!

5. Steve Carell

Making Disney hats look cool there, Steve!

6. Emma Thompson

Loving the dungarees Emma.

7. James Franco

Chilling with Walt himself.

8. Megan Fox

A fox and a mouse getting along, who would have thought it?

9. Salma Hayek

Here's hoping she isn't about to turn into a vampire.

10. Anthony Hopkins

Maybe Mickey would taste nice with a glass of Chianti.

11. Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr.

Hope the vampire slaying was kept to a minimum! It's a family park after all.

12. Matt Damon

Good mouse hunting...sorry.

13. Ginnifer Goodwin

You're never too old to have a fly with Dumbo!

14. Cash Warren and Jessica Alba.

The look on their youngest daughter's face is priceless.

15. Seth Rogen

What's more scary, being swallowed by a shark, or that Pinocchio mask?!

16. Johnny Depp

Matching beards!

17. Nicholas Cage

This would be a much better picture if Nicholas was wearing some Mickey ears.

18. Matthew McConaughey

Glad to see that he did not go for leather pants like in Magic Mike...

19. Aaron Paul

Would a giant Mickey pumpkin make for a good meth lab?!

20. Anne Hathaway

Jazz hands for the camera everyone.

21. Jason Bateman

I don't think the ride is impressed by meeting him.


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