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Ever since it first hit screens back in 1995, Pokémon has been a much loved series, with both adults and children alike. The show is so beloved that it's no surprise that its cute characters have become favorites for artists all over the world to draw.

Thanks to the enormous number of Pokémon (around 720!) it seems like there is a Pokémon that resembles almost everything, and some artists have taken that concept and run with it by combining Pokémon with characters from other TV shows or movies.

Check out these amazing fan art mashups which combine Pokémon with some of your other favorite games, TV shows and films:

The Legend of Meowth-da

Artist David Pilatosky created this amazing Pokémon and Legend of Zelda mashup. I don't know about you but the Moviepilot office's first reaction to these illustrations was a resounding, 'awwwww!'

Teenage Mutant Ninja Squirtles

This awesome mashup was inspired by the four different turtle Pokémon and made by DeviantArtist arkeis-pokemon. I wonder if they still love pizza....

The Pyroar King

Made by DeviantArtist sbooc, you gotta admit this Lion King and Pokémon mashup is very imaginative, and extremely adorable, not to mention Pyroar fits perfectly!

My Neighbor Venusaur

Lovingly illustrated by DeviantArtist Piscimancy, this Pokémon and My Neighbor Totoro mashup is adorable. I never would have thought to combine Pokémon and Studio Ghibli, but now that I see them it seems such an obvious pairing!


Charles Quan came up with this Snorlax and Baymax combo! The [Big Hero 6](movie:425271) character is so versatile, it seems like he's the new fave for fan artists all over to turn into new characters, check out more Baymax fan art here.

Gardevoir Elsa and Anna

Source: Pomegranate
Source: Pomegranate

Do you want to psychically build a snowman? These fairy Pokémon illustrated by Pomegranate make the perfect Elsa and Anna!

I am Sudowoodo

This awesome design is actually a t-shirt from ninjaink, but it might come as no surprise that it's completely sold out...Probably something to do with the fact that both [Guardians of the Galaxy](movie:424073) and Pokémon are awesome by themselves, but combined they create a force that practically rips open your wallet and demands you splash cash at whatever GotG/Pokémon mashup you can find.

Justice League...of Pokémon

Artist son-sora has created this amazing DC/Pokémon Justice League, which was all drawn by hand! Son-sora went through a lot of trouble to match up the Pokémon with who he believed was the best Justice League match, pretty perfect job, don't you think?

Captain Pikachu: Winter Soldier


Captain Pikachu looks so, so sad! Damn you, Pikachu Barnes!

Beauty and the Ursaring

Jose Peacock created a series of these wickedly cool Disney and Pokémon mashups. This Beauty and the Beast number really looks perfect - I love little Litwick as Lumiere!

Alice in Kanto

Jose Peacock also created this wonderful Alice in Wonderland and Pokémon mashup! The Queen of Hearts is perfect, the White Rabbit is perfect - all of it is just perfect!

Snow White the Pokémon trainer

Is there be a more perfect Disney princess Pokémon trainer than Snow White?! She already loves woodland animals, so why not Pokémon too? Artist TheCrownedHeart did an amazing job on this one!

Ariel, Eric and Pikachu

Artist Endless-Rainfall has fused together of my favorite things to create what would no doubt be the best movie of all time. I love it all, but mostly I love little Pikachu-Flounder with his Dinglehopper.


This design from Santiago Sanchez and George le Mercenaire is totally awesome. I can totally picture Ash as Aladdin, with his cheeky-but-caring attitude.

Ash and Dawn-punzel

KurumiErika has masterfully turned Ash and Dawn into Rapunzel and Eugene from Tangled, and I love it! Unfortunately though, Ash does seem a little concerned by that wanted poster!

Kakuna Rattatta

Ahhh, Kakuna Rattatta, what a wonderful phrase...Artist vaporotem reimagined this iconic scene from The Lion King in a totally new way! All that needs to happen now is for Litleo to evolved into Pyroar mid-walk!

Pokémon is currently available to stream on Hulu, go catch 'em all right now.

Source: Dorkly


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