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I've been watching movies all my life.I don't know how many I've seen yet.Some movies were beautiful.Some crap.I love horror,SF and fantasy.
Peter Pluymers

The concept is brilliant, the effect totally failed. I expected much more from this film, but against all odds, it was just a flabby fuss about nothing.You can hardly call it a thriller as I wasn't biting my nails because of any tense moments. It wasn't horror either, not even by a long shot. Someone putting on a clown mask doesn't make it necessarily a horror film. And beats me where the SF part is.

I can only agree that it's totally predictable . The moment the neighbours came over to bring the cookies and you saw the jealousy dripping from them, I knew enough.

I also don't think the idea of "The Purge" is really feasible. Any decent citizen would take the opportunity with both hands to deal with his annoying neighbor, boss or annoying cackling wife. I would try it anyway. A concept like in "Escape from New York" would work better. All criminals isolated on an island.

Eventually there wouldn't be much left of the complete world population if everybody would use that highly sophisticated security system. What kind of system was it anyway ? It only consisted of a few outdoor cameras and some steel plates ! Not so sophisticated to me ...

The overall story is completely incoherent and some facts bothered me immensely.

1. I suppose a sophisticated security system like this could identify any intruder when activated. In that way the boyfriend would be discovered easily.

2. I would definitely keep the deactivation code for myself and an option to set a timer so it will automatically be deactivated after 12 hours.

3. Big annoyance about the performances of the unworldly young son and teenage daughter who suddenly disappears halfway the movie.

4. The nerd of a father who emerges as a murderous guy.

The only positive thing here was the appearance of Wakefield. Very convincing as a normal but schizophrenic college student who, along with other school friends, has some fun once a year during the Purge.

Indeed it could have been better ....

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