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Tom Hardy has been on a winning streak in recent years with huge movies and small independent films, all with great performances. Hardy is the star of this weeks "CHILD 44" and is also headlining one of the summers most anticipated films; "MAD MAX: FURY ROAD". Here are the best and worst movies of Tom Hardy.



"Locke" was a very small independent film from 2014 that not many people saw, but the people who did see it, loved it! The film all takes place in Ivan Locke's car, as he takes several phone calls, dealing with issues in his life; work, family and an unexpected truth that could ruin all of that. Tom Hardy is at his best in "Locke" and its definitely one more people need to see.



Christopher Nolan has yet to make a bad film, but I think many of you will agree that "The Dark Knight Rises" was one of his weakest, and certainly the weakest in the "Dark Knight" trilogy. The film felt stale at times, the plot felt sloppy, but it was still very entertaining. Tom Hardy played Bane, a hulking brute with a mastermind plan to tear Gotham City down so that society can restart.

Hardy gave a very good performance, I know a lot of you take issue with his voice, I however liked his voice, it was menacing but very unique. I'm not saying "The Dark Knight Rises" is a bad film, I'd probably rate it a 7.8/10, but it certainly is overrated in my opinion.


WARRIOR - Final Fight

"Warrior" is a film that I couldn't stop watching, it was a beautiful and brutal tale of two brothers going head to head in an MMA championship. The two estranged brothers are both competing for different reasons and the entire film builds up to one tear jerking and unforgettable finale.



Tom Hardy has proven in roles that he can be funny, his his role in "Inception" allowed for some humor, but when he attempted to break into actual comedy, things got messy. "This Means War" centered on two CIA operatives (Tom Hardy & Chris Pine) both fighting for the love of the same woman (Reese Witherspoon). "This Means War" was a dull and ultimately forgettable comedy. The film scored a terrible 26% on Rotten Tomatoes.



"Warrior" is definitely one of the strongest sports films released in the past five years, but it might also be my all time favorite sports film. Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton give world class performances as does Nick Nolte who was nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role as the brothers' estranged father. The performances, fight scenes and story all make for a very entertaining and heartfelt film. One you should definitely check out!

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