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When the news broke a few days back that Olivia Munn - of The Newsroom and Magic Mike fame - would be playing the fan-favorite hero Psylocke in the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse, it's fair to say that the response was...mixed.

For whatever reason - and there was a wide range of 'em - a whole lot of people weren't convinced by Munn's casting in the widely beloved role of Betsy Braddock. Something tells me, however, that much of the criticism of Munn's casting is likely to fall away once we get the chance to see her in costume.

Or, y'know, realize how likable she seems...
Or, y'know, realize how likable she seems...

After all, with Munn likely to have already been (successfully) screen tested in an approximation of her ultimate on-screen outfit, and Psylocke's past comic-book wardrobe pretty much full to bursting with ninja bad-ass-ness, there's every chance of us seeing something pretty darned awesome.

Something which, it seems, Olivia Munn might just have teased on Instagram...

So, Is This Psylocke's New Costume?

If the latex fits...

A photo posted by Olivia Munn (@oliviamunn) on

Well, short answer - from the looks of it, probably not. The odds of X-Men: Apocalypse going the full spandex route with Munn's Psylocke are arguably higher than with pretty much any other hero, but it still seems a little implausible that they're going to go with something quite that bright for a hero better known for sleek, ninja-like darkness when it come to costumery.

So, if that image is more likely just Munn teasing us all, then the question still remains:

What Sort of Psylocke Costume Will We See on Screen?

Well, that remains to be seen - but odds are it won't be a whole lot like the flowing pink number she had back in some of her earliest appearances (though don't be too surprised to see her in a dress loosely referencing it at some point).

More likely, perhaps, is something a little closer to her iconic, post-being-body-swapped-with-a-bad-ass-ninja look:

Though, for my money, I'd expect something a little closer to her more recent, more subtly bad-ass look:

Which manages to retain both the sleek and (because this is the comic-book industry we're talking about) sexy look of her earlier outfit, with the practicality of not being basically naked.

Also, this:

Because, don't forget - Psylocke is awesome no matter what she's wearing.

Which, with a bit of luck, is going to translate nicely onto the big screen...

What do you think, though?



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