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I've been watching movies all my life.I don't know how many I've seen yet.Some movies were beautiful.Some crap.I love horror,SF and fantasy.
Peter Pluymers

I love to watch a low-budget B-movie once and a while. Most of the times it's entertaining and sometimes it looks so ridiculous that it's turning into a comedy. But "Dinoshark" was so unbelievable terrible that even an Asylum production looks like a Hollywood blockbuster. I'm still wondering where that budget of 2.000.000 $ went to !

With amazement I have watched this movie till the end. I really can't believe this is a movie made in 2010. It seemed rather like a failed experiment from the 70s.

Terrible, amateurish, laughable, abominable acting. The average home video looks better than this dreadful botch.

An unimaginably ridiculous storyline. Only the beginning already where they explain in 2 minutes how that "Dino Shark" arises from the ice is so stupid you'll be dying with laughter.

Incredibly bad SE. The cardboard creature looks awful. The remotely sequences with the dorsal fin seem to come out of the Commodore-64 era and sometimes the dimensions aren't right. The special effects are like a bunch of onions .. spontaneously you start crying.

Shameless rip-off of Jaws at times. Even the soundtrack sounds a bit the same. Flabbergasted I was looking at it.

Simple decision: even if you can watch it for free ... DON'T !!!!! If you have the DVD in your hand ... don't think ... throw this piece of junk as far as you can !

Aaaaaaaaaaarrrghh .... I didn't think I would ever say this, but this was really a waste of time. Time I never get back ! Sigh ....


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