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Getting to know you?

What happened on Moviepilot recently is that Kat tagged Tom. Then, Tom tagged Dana and Dana tagged Cassie. After that, Cassie tagged Kuri and Kuri tagged me. Now? I am tagging Amalia!! ;)

This was started by our lovely Moviepilot's Head of Community Kat Bacon because "There's nothing I love more than getting to know a little more about all the amazing people in this community".

Our community is growing every day but most of us still do not know each other, lol. So this is actually quite awesome and whoever gets nominated, please come out now. We WANT to know more about you! ;)


They will be really random as everyone gets to ask three questions of their own. Fear not, they can only be either easy or difficult! No rules are set but they are all fun and movie-related so no worries. *evil*

Time to answer Kuri's questions to me!

Q1. Everyone has a go-to movie that they could watch whenever without having to be in the mood. So what’s your go-to animated film?

This is rather difficult to answer because I am always up for movies especially those with exceptional cinematography and great after-feeling! Then, it is also only exactly one year ago around this month that I've planned to explore all animated features. Although I have watched (or rewatch) over 90 animated features within a year recently, I do think that I have seen more live actions movies than animated ones. I am still discovering *do not want to bore any of you with obscure or unusual movies* but if I have to mention one, that would be The Lego Movie!! I think I can watch that forever!!

Here's a movie review I wrote and a quiz I made on The Lego Movie!!

Q2. What is it about foreign movies that appeals to you?

This might be a vague answer but honestly, it is the content. Technically correct, all the movies ever made out there are foreign to me. I grow up watching mostly American and Hong Kong productions but I guess when one say foreign movies, it means non-American movies so let's define foreign movies as that for this post. Whatever movies I come across regardless of origin and genre that caught my interest, I would watch it even if I don't understand a thing they say. If I don't like it, I would drop it, or just watch to observe because I can always learn something from watching movies...

I always believe there is beauty in every movie ever made...

Q3. If you were to direct a Studio Ghibli film, what kind of elements would you want to have put into it?

Although I am an amateur to the film industry, I take film making quite seriously. Therefore, what kind of elements I would want to put into a Studio Ghibli film would actually depend on the project itself although this should be a casual talk! Hmm, let's say we are doing something like Hayao Miyazaki's and I can decide on everything from themes and characters; I would totally unleash all the sick ideas I have on my mind! I have written thousands of creative materials to date and ideas can just pop up to me any time any where. I can't share too much about those here as I might use them in the future but I am going to take this opportunity to demonstrate that; this will be my "Studio Ghibli film" inspired by and for Kuri for asking me this! <3

Kuri is a movie spirit. Her race commonly appears in movie sets and studios, where they live in high resolution digital cameras and would come out through the lens. They could control and influence every aspects of a movie from the movie processes to what would be the movie of the year. One day, a mischievous movie spirit mess with Kuri's movie; he changed the main actor and the scenes and the storyline becomes completely different... How would Kuri save this movie disaster?!

This took me exactly 10 mins, lol. I loved these questions and I hope you enjoyed reading this too!! Thanks for reading and if you want to know more about this "Studio Ghibli film", you know where to find me, Kuri!!

Now, here's my to Amalia!

I nominate her because I like her! She is also one of the nicest to me in Moviepilot community although I just knew her recently. So, yeah!

1. What is the weirdest movie you have ever seen?

2. If you could be a Disney Princess, which would you be?!

3. Finally, do you play games? Share with us some titles you love!

Have fun answering this, dear! <3 Update: Her !!

So... How do I participate? I want to do this!

Step 1: Join Moviepilot as creator and wait for someone to tag you....
Step 2: Answer the by the person who tag you.
Step 3: Think about who you want to tag and ask him/her !
Step 4: Post it! "Getting to Know You: for (the person's name)!"

Alternately, you can also start by asking someone without having or waiting to be tagged if that may feel like taking forever!

Have a great weekend everyone!!

I am resuming Studio Ghibli Movie Marathon next week, here on Moviepilot. So, stay tuned for more, alright? !!


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