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One thing for sure, is that this upcoming season is definitely going to be action packed. There's literally so much we need to know,and season 5 will probably top all of the others.

MTV recently just posted the [Teen Wolf](series:721002) Season 5 trailer on youtube (12th April) And i've got to say,it was nothing as i expected it to be.

The director of Teen Wolf mentioned:

This is supposed to be one of the most darkest seasons ever.

Am i sensing some Season 3B?

This season is titled 'Villain'

A resemblance with season 3B?

As well as others who have pointed this out,this season has a huge amount of resemblance with season 3B.

Personally, the resemblance i see is with the doctors and Eichen house, i mean, i think they're somehow linked together. Possibly the doctors coming from there or something. Also,3B was a very dark season,and they just could be bringing a certain VOID back if you know what i mean. Void Stiles would be EPIC to see again on the show.

Do you see anymore resemblances?

Who are THEY?

Where have these DOCTORS come from?

My guess is,that they're possibly the doctors from Eichen House. It sure seems like it,because we haven't really been introduced to any other doctors throughout the TV show, excluding Deaton, if you remember him,you know, the veterinarian?

MTV mentioned the following about the doctors on their website:

This time around, “The Doctors” will land on the small town, and in the video below, it looks like they’re equipped with more than just scalpels, cotton balls and tongue depressors. Their choice instruments seem to include needles, liquid-filled torture chambers and a certain perverse power drill that could cut through a coconut without much trouble. In short: the fundamental elements of any human being’s nightmares. Hope you’ve got a reliable nightlight...

I sense a new character on board

Theo,a lone wolf.
Theo,a lone wolf.

Dylan and Tyler confirmed this, aswell. Pretty Little Liars star Cody Christian will be starring in this season of Teen Wolf,playing as a character,called Theo. What we know about him so far, is that he's actually a lone wolf,desperately looking for a pack,and,ironically,tangles himself up with Scott.

As a matter of fact, O'Brien said himself in an interview;

I can tell you that my character hates him. That’s how I felt immediately just now when you brought his name up. I have a little Stiles in me.

He went on further,explaining that Stiles feels that something's up with Theo, but he will feel and at the same time for acting like an idiot with him,and how being the protective best friend he is,would want to protect Scott. He also mentioned that Theo is a character which he knew when he was growing up,as a child. Hang in there Stillinski!

Stiles has his eye on you,Theo!

Goodbye, Derek!

Oooh,Mr Hale be angry.
Oooh,Mr Hale be angry.

Yes,you heard it right. The hunky Tyler Hoechlin is leaving the show,so no more Derek Hale anymore.We WILL see him from time to time,just not as much. You could say he's reccuing now. It's sad to see such a character leave the show,but it has to move on, i mean, a lot of season 4 and parts from other seasons have been resembled around him.

I have to say though, the show will not only be completely different without him,but we'll see everyone else grow further,into people,like him i guess.


Okay,call me crazy, but i could have sworn i heard that At 0:07-0:09.

If you listen closely,you will definitely hear something,and that is what i heard. Allison Argent, are you coming back to the show or something?! And also, that little snipplet of seeing that person being injected with something did look a whole like Allison,to be fair,take a look.

This is from the TRAILER.
This is from the TRAILER.
This is from a scene when Allison was on the show
This is from a scene when Allison was on the show

The 2 eye colors look remarkably similar

Could she be coming back?! If she does, maybe as a villain?

if you remember from season 3B of Teen Wolf, there was another version of her standing behind her? What if the directors of Teen Wolf develop on that?!
Also,honestly speaking,Allison's death looked way to easy.

AND the desert wolf?

Okay,we can all agree,this HAS to be on the new season.

My thoughts are the wolf possibly being Kate,although we don't entirely know yet wether it could be her,since she us already a werejaguar.

I mean, it could literally be anyone, even Melissa McCall, as crazy as that sounds, or it could be someone we didn't expect,like how Meredith was supposedly the benefactor in season 4.


Jordan is one of the people im MOST excited about. I just really want to know who he is. There's been a ton of to what he could be, some people even thought he could be the desert wolf? But isnt the deser wolf Malia's mom?

Anyway, my guess is that he is a Phoenix

THIS is because, mythologically, Phoenix's are able to rise from their ashes. And that is exactly what Parrish did,after he wasnt burnt alive in the police car.

Others see him as a dragon,possibly,but i dont see how.

Oh,and look what crazy photo i found.




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