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Last friday, first time ever I got a free touch pen (from a college showcase). I brought it home, downloaded a free sketching app on ipad and started drawing. No sketches, no exclusive tools and only 1 layer. Well, it did turned out pretty sucks. But still, I'm practicing and this page is about my growing up process.

And this is my fifth art work done on ipad. I made it for the Posters Contest in Disney-club on Deviantart. Right after I knew about the contest, I googled movie posters and as soon as I've seen the Avatar one, I knew stitch would be a great choice.

This was the first time I made a parody poster. It turned out to be more interesting than I thought.


I drew it for 3 hours (1am to 4am) and then and add texts on Photoshop.

dA link:


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