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GTA 5 on the PC has been modded by Oculus Rift to enable gamers worldwide to literally step into the shoes of Trevor, Michael and Franklin and see the GTA 5 world in virtual reality for the very first time!

GTA 5 On VR Headset
GTA 5 On VR Headset

With the release of gaming titles on PC comes many a plus point; Accelerated performance, increased frame rates, multi-monitor support, control variety and extensive modding abilities are all evolutionary to a gaming title once they hit the PC but the most amazing thing to come from all of this is the incorporation of [Grand Theft Auto](movie:749804) 5 into the realms of virtual reality.

The first video below showcases a rudimentary but usable version of GTA 5 on VR. The video was made by Oculus Rift using the DK 2 set to enter into the game in first-person mode.

I say 'rudimentary' because developers at Rockstar have not yet officially optimized GTA 5 for VR headsets, however this is not to say that they don't have plans in development.

PC modders out there are making the most of a program called 'VorpX,' which is basically a piece of software that adapts gaming titles to be compatible with various VR systems. So far the software only allows for players to enter into Los Santos in first-person mode and simply look around, but more will become available shortly, I'm sure.

GTA 5 on VR Headset
GTA 5 on VR Headset

Want to do this with your PC? Here's how...

This second video is another simple portrayal of GTA 5 on VR headsets but shows footage of a GTA PC gamer downloading the relevant software and take a small tour around Michael's house in VR.

Do you have GTA 5 on PC? Would you consider getting this title on console?

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