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I consider myself a bit of an 80s child, even though technically I grew up in the 90s. But the first 5 years of my life were spent in the decade that brought us shoulder pads, The Cure, and lots of Kevin Bacon! As such I have a certain nostalgia for all the pop culture that emerged from that time, and none more so than anything involving Michael J. Fox. To me he will always capture the essence of that time, even though I was only 5 when it ended. So for this Throwback Thursday I decided to put together a little tribute to the man as well as the decade that made him a household name. It's about to get heavy, Doc!

Back to the Future - The Power of Love

Not only is Back to the Future one of the greatest trilogies ever made (i'll meet you out back if you don't agree) but it captures the zeitgeist of the 80s so perfectly. Stuck between the traditions of the past and the technological developments of the future. Not to mention the music! In this one segment alone we have skateboards, a walkman, jeans and denim jacket combo, landline phones, a reminder of the nuclear age, and lots of hair. Marty McFly is the perfect representation of the youth in this era where consumerism is ever more geared towards the younger members of society.

Teen Wolf - Urban Surfing

Teen Wolf wasn't a massive hit at the time, but enough to warrant a sequel with none other than Jason Bateman in the lead role! Again, this movie captures that sense of a decade stuck between two ages. It takes the monster of yesteryears nightmares and turns it into an icon that shoots hoops, can breakdance with the best of them, and has a "total disregard for public safety." In other words, the teenage ideal. It came out in the same year as Back to the Future, and the similarities between the characters are obvious. Both Scott Howard and Marty McFly feel average and out of place, reflecting that generation on the cusp of Generation Y.

The Secret of my Success

This movie captures the other side of the 80s, namely multinational businesses and yuppies, lots and lots of yuppies. Mr.Fox is the embodiment of millions of young men of that time drawn to the promise of wealth from these companies for which the price was only your sense of morality. Although it tones down the sex and drugs that are usually shown to have been a large part of this world, the inference is there.

That's it for this Throwback Thursday. Do you have any nostalgia for leg warmers or mix tapes? Share it with us! And remember, tomorrow is [](tag:2798620) !


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