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Hi there everyone. About a week ago I posted an article with my predictions for the new Arrow/ Flash spin-off. I provided a couple of theories about how Sara could return to the Flarrow-verse as part of the article. To see it, click here. Now I have two pieces of evidence that prove almost conclusively that Sara Lance/ The Canary is returning.

First of all, something that was announced a while ago. Apparently Sara would appear in at least three episodes this season. Two have definitely passed (Episode 1 and Episode 13,) and so we should have one more. of course, the third could be a flashback or Sara's body appearing in episode 2, but this is unlikely.

Sara Lance is the Canary
Sara Lance is the Canary

Secondly, the trailer for "The Fallen" shows a woman dressed in a Canary outfit. Of course, this could be China White in a flashback, but the lighting would suggest otherwise. We don't often see flashbacks in trailers either. This narrows it down to Laurel or Sara. If we observe the two images, then we can see that Laurel's outfit features sleeves that completely cover her arms. Sara's sleeves stop just past the elbow. And - you guessed it - in the trailer, the outfit shown features shorter sleeves. Could this be Sara, resurrected in the Lazarus Pit? Tell me in the poll below, and hit the comments with your thoughts. Bye for now!


Is this Sara?


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