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With the success of the Daredevil Netflix TV series I can personally say I cannot wait for the next which would be a.k.a Jessica Jones and then go into the next series of Luke Cage and then Iron Fist before finishing with a team up in the defenders mini series.

Which made me think that Marvel has came onto something brilliant cause they can go a lot darker and tell the story in more depth as Daredevil is a semi origin story that has developed the character enough I could personally see him in the movies and if the other series' are half as good as Daredevil is then I could say the same for them.

So the next thing I wondered is what characters could we see get there own Netflix series in what I'm calling Marvel/Netflix phase 2 and the first person I would say is Spiderman.

Marvel have said that they are going for a young Peter Parker who will in high school, even though he is confirmed to be having a movie if they did a Spiderman Netflix show which would work as again a Semi-origin story and could introduce Spider-man to the Kingpin and lets the films go straight into the action.

but this is extremely unlikely so I thought who is the most likely to get a TV series and link into the other series' and bigger universe.


I chose She-hulk in the end cause as another lawyer she and Matt Murdock are most likely to meet and is a way to join the TV and Movies together by using Hulk (he would properly not appear in it at all but could be referred to as being cousins and having a blood transplant ect) and would add another female superhero to the MCU which too be honest Marvel doesn't really have.

Other characters I could see happening are Cloak and Dagger, Moon Knight and Thunderbolts but this is the main point until now I didn't think these characters would happen.

If you have a favourite Marvel charater that you would like to see Please leave below


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