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I have to say, it's been a long time since I played Destiny. With a whole host of new titles having arrived in the months following Destiny's release date, once my character reached level 30, I dropped out. But now that I've completed Bloodborne twice and I find myself graciously waiting for the arrival of The Witcher 3, Bungie's Destiny was staring at me from its dusty shelf.

So yes, I've returned to this land and blasted through a few raids, and to be honest, I can see why I left, but also why I invested so many hours into my character. Destiny is seriously addictive. But I feel that addiction is also kept alive by the players, in that we want Bungie's game to be better than it is. We can see so many areas that need improvements, and perhaps one day all of them will be addressed, but for now, we gaze at what we have and are left wanting.


Destiny has amazing potential. The game can be so unbelievably satisfying and insanely rewarding at times. But when it comes to the story, we're all well aware of the shocking lack of emotional investment that pervades every corridor and dungeon of Destiny's worlds. But now the disappointments are extending over to the additional content, and that's aside from the poor loot system. Naturally, The Dark Below DLC pack wasn't well received, but now we're already seeing House of Wolves being criticised.

Destiny needs to give us more motivation for ploughing through enormous waves of enemies over and over. The sense of endless grinding seriously needs to be fixed in some way, but we wonder whether Activision will ever let that happen. For the price that some players have already payed for both DLC expansion packs to Destiny, they are being grossly mistreated.


Could House of Wolves Insult Destiny's Players on its Release Date?

Some people really love Destiny, and that is so insanely awesome! I totally get where people are coming from when they say they like this game (unlike [The Order: 1886](tag:2707754), that I just don't understand) and it does have great potential for hundreds of hours! But at the same time, I can see how frustrating it must be to love this game and want it to be better.

The House of Wolves DLC pack was something we'd heard of even prior to Destiny's release date. And now it has been revealed that the latest expansion will not feature another addition of Destiny's greatest attributes: raids. There will be no raid for players to engage with in House of Wolves, and even if Bungie have come up with a kind of Horde mode that players have speculated about, I see it as a disservice.

Destiny The House of Wolves
Destiny The House of Wolves

We're told that the next DLC pack after this one will have a raid. Oh, great! More money. And to be honest, if the new content in House of Wolves is a horde mode, that's all that Destiny is anyway! We wait in a room till everyone is dead and then we move to the next room and kill everyone once again. Sure there's more moving around, but a horde mode is not a significant enough change to the game's current formula to make House of Wolves more appealing.

I get furious over Bungie's and Activision's dealings with what could be an unbelievable game, and I'm not even a heavily invested player. So I'd love to hear players thoughts on Destiny as a whole all these months later. Have patches improved certain aspect of the game for you? Are the DLC packs really giving you the value that you paid for them? Let us know in the comments!


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