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"A day without laughter is a day wasted." -Charlie Chaplin .
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There's nothing like watching a woman bench press 200lbs (90kg) without breaking a sweat! When you think of Wonder Woman what do you see? She's intelligent, beautiful, brave, strong, powerful, honorable and selfless. The character is a symbol for both men and women... The same thing can be said for Superman. Finally, on June 23rd, 2017 we'll see the Amazonian warrior in action! But, there's a downfall to all of this.

Some fans are not pleased with the casting choice of model Gal Gadot (having a minor role in Fast & Furious 6) as Wonder Woman. Which I can see why. Still, I'm sure she'll do a good job, but for now we must play the waiting game until March 25, 2016 when Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released.

This list is dedicated to the real life Wonder Women within the bodybuilding and cross fit community. These women look like living, breathing comic book characters. They're well respected in their professions and they put in some serious hard work. Most importantly, they do what they love!


Sophie Arvebrink:

Sophie is a 22 year-old lifter and media personality from Stockholm, Sweden.

Instagram: sophiearvebrink

YouTube Channel: Sophie Arvebrink


Lauren Fisher:

Lauren is a 21 year-old CrossFit Games athlete and Olympic Weightlifter. 2014 USAW Junior National Champion, and 9th Place at the 2014 CrossFit Games.

Instagram: laurenfisher

Twitter: @ltfisher12


Elisabeth Akinwale:

Via Facebook-

Elisabeth Elisabeth is a four-time CrossFit Games athlete with two North Central Regional Championship titles. Having 20 Regional and Games event victories to her name, Elisabeth has demonstrated the power of the strategies that you will learn at “On Balance.” Elisabeth is also an accomplished weightlifter with multiple top ten finishes at the American Open Weightlifting Championship and three USA Weightlifting Nationals qualifications. She is the first CrossFit Games competitor to be named to Team MDUSA Weightlifting team. Elisabeth brings the experience of 15 years of competitive gymnastics, SEALFIT Kokoro 30, CrossFit Level 1 certification, CrossFit Kids Certification, and coaching over 40 seminars over the past 3 years. Elisabeth holds a Master’s degree in Social Service Administration from the University of Chicago and is the proud mother of one.


Instagram: eakinwale


Christmas Abbott:

Christmas is a CrossFit and Olympic Lifting competitor. She's also training for NASCAR Pit Crew. Here are a list of awards she has earned over the years via Facebook:

2010 - Southeast CF Regionals 20th Place
2010 - CF Games Affiliate Team
2010 - Feb Triad Barbell Open 1st Place
2011 - Reebok CF Games Regionals Affiliate Team CrossFit Raleigh 3rd Place
2011 - Reebok CF Games Affiliate - 16th
2011 - Grand Prix Open - Qualified for USA Weightlifting Olympic Nationals
2012 - Reebok CF Games Open - 18th place w/ CF Invoke Affiliate Team
2012 - Reebok CF Games Regionals - 6th place w/ CF Invoke Team
2012 - May 19 - 1st place in 53k APC Olympic Lifting Competition - Qualified for USA Weightlifting Olympic Nationals

Instagram: christmasabbott

Twitter: @christmasabbott


Adriana Kuhl:

Adriana Kuhl is a mother, fitness model, lifter and business owner/entrepreneur.


Instagram: adrianakuhlcom


Michelle Lewin:

Michelle Lewin is a very well known fitness diva, model, entrepreneur and bodybuilder.


Instagram: michelle_lewin


Julie Foucher:

Julie is a medical student and CrossFit athlete. She has come in second place in the CrossFit Games of 2012, and fifth place for 2010 & 11 CrossFit Games.


Instagram: juliefoucher

Twitter: @Julie_Foucher


Karina Akmens:

Via Facebook-

Karina Akmens is an international Fitness Model, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Pro Figure Competitor at the WBFF, and a former Baltics Champion in Gymnastics

Instagram: karinaakmens


Aurelie Sefi:

Aurelie is a IFBB Canadian Figure Champion, Published Fitness Model, hair model and business owner/entrepreneur.


Instagram aurelie_sefi

Twitter: @AurelieSefi


Ashley Horner:

via Facebook-

she played soccer at the national level, is a triathlete in constant training, and very active in the crossfit world. Ashley holds her WBFF Pro Card and represents the most notable company in the industry,, as part of their Elite team. She is the creator of the internationally selling “Becoming Extraordinary” training program series and travels around the country conducting “Becoming Extraordinary” Fit Camp seminars. Ashley Horner is a published writer, contributing monthly articles for MMA UNCAGED and FIT & FIRM as well as other online forums. Most importantly, she is a mother balancing her time with fitness and life.


Instagram: ashley.horner

photograph does not belong to MP
photograph does not belong to MP


Dana Linn Bailey:

Dana is an American professional body builder and business owner. Bailey first began weight training at the age of 23. At the age of 28, she was the first woman to become a professional physique competitor in the National Physique Committee NPC and the International Federation of Body Building IFBB. Bailey, went on to win the first Ms. Olympia in the Physique division

Instagram: danalinnbailey

YouTube Channel:

Twitter: @daydayKnucks


We can all accomplish amazing things in life if we just put our mind to it, and put in hard work.

So, what's your excuse?


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