BySam E, writer at

When I first heard that Emma Watson was going to play Belle in the live remake of my all time favorite Disney movie Beauty and the Beast, I thought to myself; "Can there be a better combination ever?". My favorite actress/lifetime role model would be playing one of the smartest female Disney character created! It's almost surreal!

Although I must admit that I do have my doubts about the success of this movie, for I am not a fan of remakes in general. Because transforming cartoons into live action movies is tricky business, sometimes editing doesn't play favour to certain scenes making them look to fake and poorly done. However, successes have been made for example in the latest Disney remake of Cinderella. The movie was very well done, capturing all the magic and all the glory of the fairy tale. I now only hope that the same can be done with this Disney remake.


My excitement almost became unbearable when I discovered that the star of season 1 - Downton Abbey, Dan Stevens (aka the lovely Matthew Crawley), would join Emma Watson as her beloved beast! Because life can't get any sweeter then having to great British actors in one movie. (All is really missing is Alex Pettyfer, but that's just a more personal preference. I wouldn't know where to put all his manliness into this remake...)


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