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Thomas Marsula

As stated in the video I think this movie is a good remake. It did it's job of bringing Annie to a new day and age. For the most part it fits really well. So it's overall a solid musical. There were only two songs I think could have been improved on. Other then that I think it was enjoyable movie. Does it have cliches sure, but I don't it ruins the movie going experience. This movie is meant for new kids to experience this story and in that's how I went into the movie. There was a lot of unnecessary backlash of this racist thing that was going on. There is no racism here and it was just silly media being silly. As a new reviewer I found it easier to not those things cloud my judgement so the experience was a lot better then I thought. I think this grade is much more fair and the only things I think really needed to be improved on where those two songs I mentioned and maybe one or two other smaller details. I would recommend this to those who like Annie or for kid who have no experienced this story and would like to.


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