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I'm a lover of all things geeky.

I like to take combine 2 of my favorite pop culture loves and combine them in a cool harmonious way. By day I am an animator, and animation has a huge influence on my work (especially Disney Animation). When Marvel was acquired by Disney a few years back, I did a series of Disney heroines mixed with Marvel Super Heroes. A few months ago, I revisited the idea. I based the pairings based on looks, personality, powers and badassary.

The pairings go in this order.

Snow White: Wasp

Aurora: Captain Marvel

Elsa: Emma Frost (White Queen)

Merida: Hawkeye (Kate Bishop)

Megara: Black Widow

Esmeralda: Scarlet Witch

Jasmine: Elektra

Belle: She Hulk

Rapunzel: Sue Storm

Mulan: Psylocke

Pocahontas: X23

Cinderella: Mockingbird

Tiana: Storm

Ariel: Rachel Grey

Anna: Valkyrie

Silver Dash and Violet Witch. Dash and Violet Parr as Wanda and Pietro (movie style)

Guardians of the Galaxy, The order goes:

Flynn Rider: Star Lord

Jasmine: Gamora

Wreck it Ralph: Drax the Destroyer

Stitch: Rocket Raccoon

Marshmallow: Groot

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