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What happens when the most famous family goes to the beloved universe of Disney?

That's right, since I can remember, I put The Simpsons on my TV EVERY DAY, even when I'm working. With animation (of course), and after years drawing the most lovely characters, I decided to get the craziest and not so "polite" american family from the TV into Disney's universe.

Homer Simpsons - Body proportion's comparison
Homer Simpsons - Body proportion's comparison

Thousands of sketches, papers and pencils, trying to find the best proportions to match a stylized cartoon in a "realistic" world.
It took several hours (of fun) watching episodes, re-drawing some poses, facial expressions and every detail I thought was important for those characters.

Bart's facial expressions
Bart's facial expressions

And who could forget the secondary characters? Bart's best friend - Milhouse, the almost tired teacher - Mrs. Krabappel, Apu and why not, the #1 enemy of Bart Simpson - Side Show Bob?

You can see all the posters in high resolution in my Behance.

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