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There's nothing like enjoying an evening snuggled in your bed, being able to scare the crap out of yourself while watching a bone-chilling horror film, then turning your TV off, brushing your teeth, and going to sleep dreaming of cookies, roller coasters, and flowers.

But what happens when the terror surpasses film and becomes personal and all too REAL? The seven following people had the unfortunate experience of living a real life atrocity that we wish would only happen on our TVs.

1. Fiancé Buries Woman Alive

Michelle Lewandowska had an incredibly difficult relationship with her fiancé Marcin Kasprzak. Instead of breaking up with the mother of his three-year-old child, Kasprzak paired with his friend and attacked Lweandwoska with a stun gun, bound her hands and legs, and buried her alive under a few inches of dirt. He placed a 90 lbs tree trunk to ensure she would stay under.

With the thought of her son to motivate her, Lewandowska knew she had to escape. She cut through the rope with her engagement ring and clawed her way out. Although she suffers from paranoia, insomnia, difficulty with breathing and walking, her two attackers were sentenced to 20 years in prison.

That certainly got the hair on the back of my neck to stand up.

2. A Snowy Invader

A redditor named laundrysoap tells a story about her boyfriend's mother, who lived in a house containing a lot of doors connecting to the outside. She began to consistently complain about doors rattling and shadows creeping around the house. Her parents brushed her worries away as mere night terrors.

But one day, her father woke up in the middle of the night to use the restroom. He saw a figure and heard a rustling noise, but didn't check anything until morning, when he discovered the house covered in footprints.

He followed the footprints to a nearby neighbor's house, where a mentally handicapped teen lived. He confessed to breaking in and watching his daughter sleep every night. Make sure you lock your doors every night, people!

3. The Railway Killer

Holly Dunn and her boyfriend, Chris Maier, were traveling by train to enjoy a night out with friends. The couple was then approached by a man at the train station asking if they could spare some change. The couple had no idea that this man was actually Angel Resendiz, a wanted serial killer who had already murdered six people.

Resendiz tied up the two and put them in a ditch, where he beat Maier to death with a 50 lbs rock. He then proceeded to rape Holly while stabbing her in the neck with an ice pick and beat her with wooden plank until she passed out, which he mistook for her dying.

Holly Dunn
Holly Dunn

When Dunn woke up, she pulled herself to the nearest house and called for help. She testified against Resendiz, who was nicknamed "The Railway Killer." He was later given the death penalty.

4. Creepy Twins

Come play with us
Come play with us

Just when you thought the creepy twins from The Shining were just a thing you found in scary films, guess again.

June and Jennifer Gibbons were real life horror twins whose connection landed them into trouble. Their feelings of love and care for each other sometimes aired on the side of wanting to playfully murder each other. As they grew older, they began to perform acts of arson and petty theft, which granted them the reputation of being troubled and psychotic. At the age of fourteen, the two girls were placed in Broadmoor Hospital for the Criminally Insane.

The two came to a realization that they couldn't be individuals while the other existed. Following an instinct, Jennifer claimed she was going to die. As she was being transferred to a lower security facility, Jennifer died of a heart condition.

What a bizarre ending to these strange sisters.

5. What a Brilliant Performance!

This mystery is still unknown to this day. Daniel Hoevels played the role of Mortimer in 'Mary Stuart.' In one particular scene, Hoevels was required to put a dull prop knife against his throat as he pretended to slit it in agony. Hoevels had played the part for two years smoothly with no issues.

However, one night during the tragic scene, and as blood sprouted from his throat the crowd went wild with the realistic performance. What they soon discovered was that someone had put a real sharp knife on the prop table, which caused him to actually slit his throat. There is speculation as to whether this was an innocent accident or if someone had ill intent toward Hoevels.

The world will never know.

6. H.H. Holmes

H.H. Holmes built a hotel in a busy part of Chicago, which was later referred to as "Murder Castle." It was designed to fulfill his sick and murderous cravings. He had a chute where he could throw dead bodies down, had two furnaces, and stored large supplies of acid used to strip flesh. He claimed he only murdered 27 people, but it is suspected he killed up to 200 victims. He is often given the title "America's First Serial Killer."

I just let out a massive shiver.

7. Howdy Neighbor...I Mean Stalker

When redditor M1nneapolis was getting ready one morning for school, she heard her neighbor yelling inappropriate comments at her. She ignored her neighbor's vulgar comments and continued on her way to school.

The next morning while getting ready for school again, she heard a door open downstairs in the kitchen. A gut feeling told her it was not her mother. She discovered it to be her neighbor holding an 8-inch knife. She did not head the stalker's words to hold still, but rather ran out the door for her life, attempting to get the attention of everyone on her block.

The cops eventually found the man in the backyard of his own house drinking, where he had photos stored of M1nneapolis. He also admitted to watching her and wanting to kill her for quite some time.

So lock you door, sleep with one eye open, and pay attention to any strange creaks you might hear. You never know if it is just a gust of wind...or a more sinister stranger coming for you.

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