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As most of you know (and all of you should), Jared Leto has been cast to play the Clown Prince of Crime in the upcoming film, [Suicide Squad](movie:2283363). Those of you who read my articles know that I am a huge Batman fan and Joker is easily the best villain in my opinion of any villain. This article will talk about why I think Jared Leto will do good and a few concerns I have with it.

Jared Leto with his new hair cut.
Jared Leto with his new hair cut.

Can He Pull Off Crazy?

First of all I have never seen any of Jared Leto's movies outside of a few top tens on youtube that show off his work. But what I have seen I really enjoy and I realized that this is an actor that will take any role he is in seriously. He's a good actor and I feel he can deffinatley pull off any role. But could he pull off a role that is so notorious for being extremely draining? I mean he has to put himself into a mindset of pure insanity. He has to make every line feel genuine. And I feel doing some of the roles he has done before he can easily put himself into that mindset and pull it off with ease.

What Kind of Joker Will We See?

I have said it before I have a high level of respect for the Dark Knight trilogy, though I do have some problems with it, it is still my personal favorite Batman live action portrayal (So Far). I wanna point out something that I have read numerous times. Jared Leto will be a different Joker. Ledger's Joker will forever go down in history as an amazing Joker, the only thing is that he was the perfect Joker for TDK. He was crazy as the Joker should be, but he also gave off that vibe that made me feel like he wouldn't really work in any other Batman film, I mean sure he made the role his own and it worked in his favor but I feel the mood of the Joker in TDK was perfect for TDK and not much else. He was exactly what the movie needed and made it arguably the best one in the trilogy. That being said I feel Jared Leto has a high chance of making his Joker better than Ledgers in terms of being closer to the comics. I could easily see a scene where this Joker is expecting something to happen and the opposite is what really happens.I'm hoping Leto will make this Joker more to the comics where as Ledger brought out the dark humor and seriousness he really didn't joke around and laugh as much as he could/should have. I can see the Joker Jumping up and down having a little temper tantrum screaming "NO, NO, NO!" and then laughing about it. Though I can see Jared Leto doing that, I really couldn't picture Ledgers calm and under control portrayel acting like that.

My thoughts on what we know he will look like so far.

We haven't gotten a really good look of what he will look like in the movie though Leto has been really good about teasing his fans with the hair cut. I personally can take it or leave it. I mean I grew up seeing the Joker with medium length hair. And though it's a stupid thing to complain about I'm the type of person who relys on being sucked into the character and the short haircut isn't really working for me. I can't say I hate it becuase I'm sure as we see more of the transformation I am sure it will grow on me. To be honest TDK's Joker's hair was too long and I'm sure if it were almost any other actor that played the Joker I wouldn't have cared for it but Ledger pulled it off, making it part of his creepy routine along with licking his lips he would play with his hair. I would have loved to see him with his hair like this though,

I mean when I say I grew up with a certain idea of the Joker in my head I almost wet myself when I saw this image. It's medium length and swept back with the look like he runs his hands through it.

Batman Noel
Batman Noel

The make-up is also an idea that I had a problem with, again any other actor and it would have been a problem but Ledger made it work. I really hope since they are going with a clean cut Joker in this one that they also have him have non smeared makeup. Something along the lines of Batman Noel where it's not put on like lipstick but neither is it just smeared. Leto said his vision of the Joker will be a beautiful disaster and I feel having someone put lipstick on their face and not just their lips is the disaster while keeping it even and not all smeared could be seen as beautiful.

Overall opinion

While I do need time to cry about the Joker hair that could have been and let the Joker hair that currently is comfort me and act as a step parent that I will have to grow to love, I really like the idea of Jared Leto as the Joker. They had an idea in their head when they cast him and I honestly see where they are coming from. The man is an amazing actor and is used to being around people and entertaining them live as well as behind a screen. Having someone who can act and has an awesome stage personality is something I think the Joker needs. Jared Leto has proven he can pull off someone who isn't really all together and I'm just waiting to hear his Joker voice. I have absolute faith that him and every other cast member will bring something new and amazing to the roles and create a movie that will be downright kick ass.

Well that's it, I ranted on and I completely strayed from what I originally was gonna write about (How Mark Hamill's performance as the Trickster made me wish that he never stopped being Joker.) What do you think? What should my next article be about?


I've been putting it off for a while now, and I'm now giving my opinion on Jared Leto as Joker. With the photo released some time ago now and the trailer not so reluctantly

This Joker is going to be absolutely insane. I


What did you think of my ideas?


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