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With Star Wars Celebration kicking off today in Anaheim, California, the lucky fans have already been treated to some new, official art for Star Wars: The Force Awakens! Up first, we have Kylo Ren and the Imperial Army!

In this picture we get a nice full-body view of the newly revealed Stormtrooper, plus a fantastic blown-up look at Kylo's helmet. Many fans seem to think the design is a nod to Darth Revan from the Extended Universe: what do YOU think?

Next up, an even better look at the Stormtroopers, with some new elements thrown in!

This picture offers some great looks at some different troopers: namely a flamethrower trooper and one wearing a cape. True to Star Wars canon, the flamethrower trooper has a different helmet (and what appears to be different chest armor) from the normal troopers. As for the caped trooper, is he a captain? A special forces trooper? Maybe even some sort of trooper designed to combat force users? What do YOU think?

Finally, we have a wonderful mash-up of all sorts of Imperial power!

This classic-style poster showcases all the aspects of the other pictures, like the flamethrower and Kylo's helmet, but offers two notable newcomers. First, we get our first look at what looks like an Imperial shuttle on the right, and at the top left we see what looks like a partial Imperial insignia. With the textures on the logo, it could even be taken from the cloak of the trooper in front of it. What do YOU think?

Are you excited for The Force Awakens? What do you think of the new stormtroopers? Can you last until December 2015? Check out this breakdown of the newly released teaser trailer for The Force Awakens, sound off in the comments, and thanks for reading!


What would you like to see revealed in upcoming art/posters?


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