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During the Age of Ultron press tour Kevin Feige has given us a lot to tell you

To make it easier, here is a transcript of the interview

What was your reaction to seeing the first pass at the script from Joss?

The first thing we saw was an outline he had done that was full of amazing ideas and I would say if there were ten ideas on that document, eight of them are in the movie now which is very rare, in the development process. You’ve heard the term “development hell,” Joss is very very unique in that way and very very special, the Hulk-buster moments and all the other moments I won’t give away here have all survived from that moment to the final release of the movie. It was also interesting because we had talked a lot about not feeling the need to top the action from the first movie. We don’t need to top the action, we don’t need the spectacle, we want to delve into the characters. When I read the outline I said, “Joss, you understand you’re doing both here, you’re trying to top both” and I think he’s pulled it off. There are some of the best character interactions of any of our films in this movie and at the same time very very clearly the biggest action we’ve ever had.

What’s next for the Hulk?

What’s next for the Hulk? I don’t know.

Ha, you know, you just can’t say!

I don’t know, where is he?

Next up for many of the Avengers characters is Civil War, what would that have been like if Tony and Mr. Downey Jr. had not come back?

Early reviews and reactions to Daredevil are insanely positive. Does that add incentive to bring the Defenders into the Marvel movies?

Into the movies? Well right now what Jeff Loeb and the TV guys are focusing on is those shows and certainly with ‘Daredevil’ coming out last night and being so well received, the next one is already in production, the one after that has been announced, so I think they’re doing quite well for themselves in that medium. We certainly have had discussions and thoughts of where down the line who could show up where but I think they’re being very smart in saying, “Let us establish this here, first” and they’re off to a very very good start.

I didn’t want to say the word but you’ve assembled a pretty great group of people running these things.


With Ant-Man closing out Phase Two, does it bridge the gap between Ultron and Civil War?

‘Ant-Man’ does a little bit. What it mainly does is introduce another aspect to the cinematic universe, Hank Pym and his Pym particles and the shrinking technology, his lineage within the Marvel Universe in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, which we explore a little bit and certainly with getting to know Scott Lang and seeing how he could become the most unlikely Avenger. So it really is pretty much about that story but you’ll see very clearly where that story lays in between those two films.

Awesome, Right?

This gives us a ton of info


Age of Ultron: Feige praised Joss Whedon's initial script for Age of Ultron, and his work in special effects with the script

Hulk: Feige admitted to the amount of secrecy surrounding the character's future, and said he doesn't know where Hulk will end up. Mark Ruffalo does, apparently

Civil War: Feige said that Civil War would obviously be a what if if RDJ didn't sign back on, but he said the actor would be on-set in three weeks, so we might get some more info then

Daredevil/Defenders: Feige talked about bringing the Defenders into the films, and said that they are doing well where they are and that we will have to see

Ant-Man: Feige said it sort of bridges Age of Ultron and Civil War, explores Hank Pym's past in the 60's, 70's, and 80's (Who could play young HAnk? Will Janet appear?) He also confirmed Scott Lang as an Avenger down the line



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