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So it has been a while since I made a post and I've been wanting to do this list for a while now so let's get to it.

5. Marion Crane in Psycho

So this one isn't very creative, nor is it bloody. However it is one of the most iconic scenes in horror and very different for it's time. So I don't really need to tell you about this scene cause odds are, you've already seen, but I still will anyway. So we start of with Marion disrobing and getting in the shower. After a while we see a shadow creep in slowly. Then there is a build up as the killer walks toward the shower, then tears open the shower curtain and stabs her to death. The screeching violins were an assault on the ears back in the 60's and very unique. Of course now, the same track has been seriously overused. You can watch the kill below.

4. Clare's Death in Black Christmas

This one is very unique in my opinion. It heavily influenced a death scene in one of the screenplays I wrote. In this one Clare goes up to her room in the sorority house she stays in. A psycho that sneaked in earlier attacks her, wraps a dress cover (or whatever they are called) and suffocates her with it. I like the effect of the plastic cover being sucked in her mouth. Dying from not being able to breath is one of my biggest fears so I've always loved it. You can watch it at 10:18 below.

3. Axel's Death in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

As you may know if you read my Top 5 Friday The 13th Films post, you know that this is my favourite film in the series. It has the best cast, the best kills, and the best gore. This is one of the best kills in the film and Tom Savini worked magic with the special effects make-up. First we see Jason sneak up from behind, slit Axel's throat and the twist his head around a complete 180. You can watch this awesome kill below.

2. Tina's Death in A Nightmare On Elm Street

I think most fans agree that this is the best kill in the A Nightmare On Elm Street franchise. Freddy Krueger is my favourite slasher killer and this is him at his best. Not only is this his best kill but it is the first time we get to see Freddy in action. Needless to say, he does not disappoint. He lifts her up in the air, cuts her open, and drags her across the ceiling. Then she reaches for help from her boyfriend, just to be killed and drop before she can reach him. Watch below.

1. Pat's Death in Suspiria

I almost didn't put this at number one because it got number one on my Top 5 Argento Deaths list but I couldn't resist. This kill is just 100% amazing! It's violent, colourful, and bloody. I can't really say much about this one. I'll just let it speak for itself. Watch it below.

Bonus: All The Kills From Friday 4!

I said this one has the best kills in the series so as a bonus, here is the evidence to support my claim.


Which was your favourite first horror kill?


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