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Once again, while watching the Star Wars Celebration Live Stream in Anaheim, we got some amazing footage and news and got to see appearances from so many awesome people.

Well, nothing is quite so amazing as the new trailer.


I have to say that I am stoked. It was great hearing Luke Skywalker do the voice over for the trailer and to still be teased by the overall story as he states that the Force runs in the family, especially while seeing the awesome image of a contorted Darth Vader helmet.

Then to see some of the action with the X-Wings flying, the Tie Fighters chasing the X-Wings, and most importantly, Kylo Ren look as ominous and deadly as we've seen him thus far.

But nothing tops how amazing it was to see two of the original characters on screen once again: Han Solo and Chewbacca!


So, what did you guys think of the new trailer? What was the most interesting moment of the trailer to you? Was it the Darth Vader helmet, the passing of the lightsaber, something else entirely? Let me know and don't forget to vote in the poll!


What was the best part of the new trailer?


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