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John Carter

I have noticed an ever-growing increase in horrid grammar on news sites. Part of the blame I think is the frequent use of voice to text as opposed to actually writing. However, that does not excuse news writers and bloggers from having to physically checking the spelling and grammar of their articles rather than relying on spellcheck to do the work for them. Because of how fed up I have become with this rapidly expanding trend, I have decided to write this entire article using voice to text on my iPhone courtesy of Moviepilot. Thanks to their new mobile app allowing creators to post from their mobile devices now authors on Moviepilot can stoop to the norm in online mass media. I offer this article as a challenge to my fellow contributors and creators here on Moviepilot. Don't let the excitement of having this sweet new app ruin what would otherwise be effective writing. There are a lot of great articles and great inspiration that we share across Moviepilot, but we should hold ourselves to a higher standard. Great communication is still the goal, and always should be. Moviepilot Creators, keep being awesome!

If you have any thoughts regarding the beta testing or my perception of a lack in quality across the board from online news sources please feel free to strike up a conversation in the comments section.


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