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In a previous article I wrote about my feelings about star wars and how The Force Awakens has (pun intended) awaken my geekiness for star wars! I cannot tell you the last time I felt excited for a star wars film. I feel more like the ten year old me when I was first introduce to star wars.

Now they just released the second trailer!!!! With more details of what to expect for this film. If you haven't seen the trailer check it out below.

Once again, I am feeling like I am a kid again watching star wars for the first time. Though I did notice something in this trailer. Some of the new characters have the same flare and personalities as the classic characters. Even the older characters are switching roles. I feel that this movie will be the transitioning point of where the old star wars ends and the new one begins.

Let me explain:

Rey - Our new Jedi and main hero.

Rey (played by Daisy Ridley) is probably going to be our main hero in the Force Awakens. We never see who Luke is talking to when he said

"The Force runs strong in my family..... My father has it..... I have sister has it.... and you have that power too"

I have the assumption that Rey will become the next Jedi in training and will be training under Master Skywalker. I also have a suspicion that Rey is related to Han Solo and Leia. Lost daughter possibly? Not 100% but just the fact that Luke Skywalker talks about his family having the Force in the same way that he reveals to Leia that she is his sister. Its safe to say that there is some relations to the Skywalker clan that is not known yet.

Luke Skywalker- Master Jedi.....possible dark side?

Its apparent that Luke Skywalker returns as a older and wiser Jedi Knight. He is taking the role of mentor just like Obi One Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn. However just like his father, Luke Skywalker might go to the dark side. In the Dark Horse Comic, Luke temporary goes to the dark side and becomes the resurrected emperor's apprentice for a short period of time. Though its doubtful that Luke will go dark in the Force Awakens. However if you have been following Mark Hamill's career post Star Wars, he actually plays a great villain.

Kylo Ren- Return of Darth Vader?

Kylo Ren, our new Sith lord. Rumors build on whether he was an old Jedi hunter to actually being Luke Skywalker. All rumors at this point. What struck me the most was seeing Darth Vader's melted mask as part of the trailer. Now most time trailers will feature a flashback of a character from the previous films. What I found interesting was that its part of the film. Which made me Vader coming back? Have the Sith lords figured out how to bring Anakin's dark side back from the dead? Your guess is as good as mind at this point.

Poe Damerson- A X-Wing Pilot full of adrenaline!

Out of all of the new characters, I am excited to see Poe Damerson. For one just the fact that he has been the only X-Wing fighter pilot who actually show emotions while flying is something that I always felt was missing from the originals. Like they seem emotionless when they were flying against the empire's tie fighters. I am hoping to see more Poe as he flies at the seat of his pants! Possibly lead the Rogue Squadron in Rogue One movie that is suppose to be coming after the Force Awakens.

Chrome Storm Trooper - If Boba Fett and a stormtrooper had a clone baby.

Not sure if he is the clone of Bobba Fett or has trained under him. Combining the two characters for the Force Awakens. We will see what role this Chrome Storm Trooper will have on the series.


Expect a lot of banter between BB-8 and R2D2. But just love that BB-8 is a practical effect!

Finn- Hans Solo 2.0

Finn is really out of breath!
Finn is really out of breath!

Finn is certainly the space cowboy who was caught up with all of the craziness that is going around him. With him being first scene in a stormtrooper outfit in the first trailer and always seem like he is out of breathe, its clear that he is wondering "what did I get myself into" throughout the whole film. He has big shoes to fill.......However.......

Hans Solo will always be Han Solo

Just like how Shia Labuff was trying to steal Harrison Ford's thunder in The Crystal Skull (aka the movie no one speaks of), Han Solo makes he grand entrance back onto the big screen. Though a bit older (yet Chewy still looks the same age), Hans will certainly be the experience pilot teaching the young-ins what it means to be a space pirate. Though probably a bit settled down with being married to Princess Leia, he still is that bad ass we all loved in the original trilogy.

We're back!!!
We're back!!!


This is going to be a fun movie!!! None of the characters depicted in the trailers made me roll my eyes at (Looking at you JA JA!!!). This really does feel like the original trilogy to me and I can't wait to see this December.

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What you most excited to see in the new Star Wars?


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