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"The Force is strong in my family. My father has it. My sister has it. You have that power too."

I watched the second The Force Awakens teaser trailer, for the first time an hour ago...and the goosebumps still linger!!! My friend Noah and I want to know where the line for the movie is, so we can go stand in it. I'm not going to lie to you, the following post is a raw, immediate fan reaction. I am a forty-year-old, married woman with a non-geek husband, a preschooler, a podcast a "big girl career" and yes dang it... I am a Star Wars Fan and have been since I was three years old. My son soon will be too! But my excitement for this film has just jumped into hyperspace and I am shouting "Yahooooooooo!" inside my heart (not aloud because I'm still at work, that would be frowned upon by the "normal people").

I was excited to see the first trailer, but not to this degree. Since its announcement, I have been cautiously optimistic about the new Star Wars film. Not because of the prequels (I don't despise them, they're just not MY Star Wars), but because of J.J. Abrams. I am also a diehard fan of the Star Trek franchise and he is the man who made the last two Trek films. While they were very entertaining, full of great special effects, very pretty people, wonderful actors and awesome costumes... there were things about the script I didn't like. But we won't go there—this post is about Star Wars. I just wanted to let you know why I was simply "cautiously optimistic". Even so, I'm ever the Polly Anna and I have remained hopeful about The Force Awakens; reassuring Anomaly Podcast listeners that it will all be OK and that they shouldn't get too picky about silly things like cross guard lightsaber hilts and what the male to female ratio is in the cast of characters. I suggested they wait to make those sorts of judgements until they've seen the movie...all of it. J.J. is a Star Wars fan. He's passionate about the original films and his goal is to make the spirit of the original trilogy the essence of The Force Awakens.

You might say, "but Jen, if you are telling your listeners not to judge the movie based on the trailers, why are YOU so excited? We were disappointed by the prequels and THOSE trailers were just as glorious." This is true. But I think there was such a backlash from fans about poo-doo jokes, crappy dialogue, wooden acting (I blame the directing) and various other problems that George Lucas even started making comments about the fans rants. He noticed. Have you noticed someone else has taken over the franchise? Have you noticed the fact that the original trilogy stars are back? They didn't have to come back... I trust them. I trust that this will be different. I have this feeling... call it the Force, call it crazy fan excitement, telling me that he will do for Star Wars what he did not do for Star Trek. He will bring balance to the universe Uncle George created. And we will be in awe of it!

~ Jen Rhodes

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Highlights: The music! • Vader's melted helmet • Rey and Finn gripping hands • Luke and R2 together • Leia taking the lightsaber • THAT BADASS Reven-like helmet! • The Tie Fighter in the hanger blowing crap up • The Falcon being chased by a Tie • The trooper in the chrome-like armor • the line "you have that power too" • X-Wings! • Stormtroopers! • The wrecked Star Destroyer in the opening frame! Did I miss anything? I've only watched it five times in the last thirty minutes...I'm sure I missed a lot.


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