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A lot of people were talking about Kylo Ren’s recently leaked mask and how it looked so much like a certain two characters': Darth Revan and Darth Vader; most of those people were complaining about how the director had tried to render non-movie non-animated canon irrelevant because the team was too lazy to write around what had been already established. Some were saying that they were trying to re-write Revan’s canon so he could be in the movies without having to explain how he made a 3,000 year jump.

Mind you, I’m still pissed over the fact that someone tried telling me that my favorite game series wasn’t a true part of canon anymore (As if fans really care about what some nubs say is canon [laughs].). But what if that isn’t necessarily the case?

In the second Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens trailer, we see Darth Vader’s partially melted mask. What if Kylo Ren isn’t supposed to be a re-imagined Darth Revan, but a fresh face that is a sort of history buff?

This wouldn’t be the first time a character such as this entered the universe - Darth Bane being the first character that comes to mind. Bane was a Sith that looked back to the old teachings of the Sith to better himself after losing terribly to his rival; his story takes you to places like Lehon, Tython and Dxun to find holocrons and armor of the ancient Sith. In doing so he was able to uncover Darth Andeddu's secret to immortality and became, in my opinion, one of the most educated Sith in the expanded universe. That being said, Darth Revan himself also looked back to ancient texts to further improve his own greatness.

So when we look at Ren’s leaked mask from both Making Star Wars and the trailer, with some fans making their own renders to create a much better view of the finished product, it almost makes sense to see it as a sort of cross between Darth Vader and Revan’s masks. It's already been proven that a broadsword lightsaber would pose minimal threat to the one wielding it while being extremely effective against an opponent; taking into account that Ren is not the first person in Star Wars to use a uniquely shaped lightsaber (Roblio Darte also held a weird saber), it could very well be that this is a character that has been looking back to past Force users that made history to adapt it. Perhaps he has been hunting down various relics in an attempt to create an amalgamation of the greatest-known Sith Lords in history.

So, what do you guys think?


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