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We are now blessed with the ability to watch The Hateful Eight teaser countless times, as it has finally been released online. As a huge Tarantino fan, I am massively ecstatic for his newest film!

What A Tease!

The Hateful Eight includes some familiar faces like Michael Madsen, Tim Roth, and none other than Samuel L. Jackson. The story follows a group of travelers who find themselves connected in a way they didn't expect after getting caught in a blizzard following the Civil War.

Meet the Characters

1. The Bounty Hunter

Is it just me, or does Marquis seems majorly badass? Samuel L. Jackson won't have a problem portraying that.

2. The Hangman

I loved playing Hangman as a kid, but something tells me Kurt Russell is going to make this guy a little more sinister.

3. The Prisoner

Someone better set Jennifer Jason Leigh free!

4. The Sheriff

Good cop or bad cop? I can't wait to find out how Walton Goggins plays it.

5. The Mexican

Bob is a man who likes to get straight to the point. I like his style. Hope to brush up on my Spanish with Demian Bichir.

6. The Little Man

Great things come in small packages, Tim Roth.

7. The Cow Puncher

I'd prefer cow massager, but hopefully Michael Madsen isn't all that mean.

8. The Confederate

Sir, yes sir! I am curious as to how Bruce Dern is going to stir the pot.

I am now just squealing with pure excitement. I cannot wait to see how these characters' lives intermingle and connect.

Expect action. Expect blood. And watch it all in 77mm Super Cinemascope.

The Hateful Eight is due to be out November 2015. Winter can't come soon enough.

[Source: The Verge]


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