ByMarie Miller Vanderpool, writer at

So in Mid-January of 2015, It was announced that the one and only, Tech N9ne, is awaiting for a specific addition to his up and coming album "Special Effects" ( due out on May 5th of this year) to complete it. This addition? The rapper is apparently waiting for the finishing touch from a Detroit favorite, Eminem.

This news came as a bit of a surprise to the musical fan base, not just for one, but both of the star studded rappers. As many may recall, Eminem within recent years left the label ran by Dr. Dre to begin his own independent album label. Tech has been a part of the independent label "Strange Music", which he also started as an independent artist. Also, some may recall the bit of argumentative past between the two artists due to some "Miscommunications" and different beliefs.

I, personally, couldn't find anything that gave a specific reason for the bad blood and how it started. However, it is still being persisted that Eminem WILL be in on the collaboration for this album, and is still a part of this album. Like I said, I personally couldn't find anything to specify why the bad blood started between the two artists, the good part is I don't think we will have to worry much about that at this point, they seem to be keeping the past in the past. Tech made this announcement at a live performance at the Diamond Ballroom, telling audience ", We put our verses on 'WorldWide Choppers: 2' I hope he does it in time, this is dope." Of course, that is the censored version of his quote, but Tech seems to be rather excited about the up and coming collaboration on this LP.

When I heard this announcement, It made me excited too, I definitely can't deny that. Having been a long time fan of both rappers, this is something I personally have been hoping would happen for sometime. Maybe this will open doors to other collaborations between the two artists? Only time will tell, but one thing is guaranteed, this is bound to be an over the top success, since this is the first time the two musical artists have actually collaborated on a song together. Fingers crossed for more from the two rappers!


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