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With there being a big push from fans to see a more diverse set of characters in superhero movies whether it be Marvel or DC, or people asking for racial and gender equality as far as screen time is concerned Granny Goodness could be a character who could satisfy many roles. You won't have to worry about her being the typical sex symbol or save me superman damsel in distress, and as loyal as she my be to Darkseid she is more then capable of standing on her own two feet.

Granny Goodness is known for not only being a force to be reckoned with physically but is a master at torture and brainwashing techniques. She is not only a member of Darkseid's elite force but she holds the responsibility of training all of Darkseid's elite troops. She runs an orphanage on Apokolips that she uses to employ her special brand of training an she is the chief of the Female Furies that work more or less as her personal honor guard.

The Female Furies are a force to be reckoned with all on there own as well, Darkseid has used then to battle the likes of Superman, Wonder Woman and the Suicide Squad all of which have movies in the near future so it would be to far of a stretch to see this brutal team of woman make their presence felt in the DCCU. Along with their Brutality as a team they have had a vast array of members for the big wigs of Warners to choose from, not to mention the likes of Supergirl, Wonder Woman, and Batwoman have been brainwashed into joining the Furies for awhile which could make for so very good plot twist in the future.

And to wrap things up Hollywood has the perfect woman to play her...

Anyone who has seen either Misery or American Horror Story knows she has the chops to play a sick and sadistic tormentor so i say lets make this happen DC.


What do you think Should Granny and the Furies join in on the fun?


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