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Greetings good people, Today is a day that will ultimately be the hallmark in where this amazing new Spider-Man Web series will be headed as it moves forward. Made Legit Media have officially uploaded a Kickstarter campaign for Marvel Knights: Spider-Man. If you would like to donate to the project you can do so here!

Above is the promo video for the Kickstarter featuring none other than the director of Marvel Knights: Spider-Man himself, Jesse Scimeca. This campaign has been launched in an effort to raise the funds necessary to fuel this six episode web series project. If you haven't heard of us yet, check out our pilot episode below:

This episode required no further funding than money for food after filming, as well as gas to drive to the filming locations. The reason for this is simply because it was meant for fun. Just a fun project to create with good friends. The response, however, we could have never prepared for. So many people want us to make this a web series, and we fully intend to deliver.

With that being said, moving forward, Made Legit Media would like to raise the bar and produce something exceptional, exceeding a higher caliber than that of the Pilot episode. With that comes more expenses. If you would like to see this not-for-profit web series come to pass, please donate! There are plenty of wonderful incentives with every donation amount ranging from $1.00 to $5,000.00. Made Legit Media thanks you in advance and we thank you even more for your continued support!

Check out our Kickstarter Campaign here!

Stay tuned to my page for future updates! All the best,

John Martin Maund


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