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One Batch, Two Batch, Penny And A Dime

Hugh Jackman broke the hearts of millions of fans by announcing to the world via Twitter that he will "pop the claws" one last time as Wolverine. This came as a shock to a lot of us and of course speculation started on who should be the next person to take on the role. A name that circulated around the internet was one Tom Hardy. This started as just mere speculation and fan interest, but as we progress I am becoming more of a believer in that Tom Hardy will be next to pop the claws and light his cigar.

(This article is mere speculation from myself, not fact)

Back a few months ago the cast of Suicide Squad was released, Tom Hardy was pinned for the role of the leader of the Suicide Squad, Rick Flag. Fast forward to now and Tom Hardy announces that he will no longer be a part of the film due to scheduling conflicts and issues with the script. This along with Hugh Jackman announcing he will play

one more time, one starts to wonder if all of this speculation is beginning to come true. Did Marvel


to the fans and reach out to Hardy for the role? Is this the real reason he left Suicide Squad? I'm quite confident that Marvel knew about Hugh Jackman leaving for quite a bit longer than we have. Now there is speculation of an entire X-Men series reboot. All the speculation aside i think the majority of fans would love to see Hardy in this role. He is perfect as a REPLACEMENT to Hugh Jackman. Let me state first before we dive into why I think this way, Hugh Jackman is and forever will be Wolverine. He has owned the role for years and there is not one person that can take that away from him.

Tom Hardy is a proven action star

Tom Hardy is personally of of my favorite action stars today. He has a very proven track record in terms of his action films. He was outstanding in Inception as Eames. He was even better as Batman's nemesis Bane in The Dark Knight Rises, a truly amazing performance, he exhibited many sides of his action ability and did an outstanding job. His has a proven enough career to vouch for him as being our next Wolverine.

Physically, Tom Hardy is Perfect

There is no denying that Tom Hardy is in tremendous shape. He has arguably one of the best builds in all of Hollywood. Wolverine is a character in which a lot of his persona is the tremendous shape he is in. Hugh Jackman got jacked to pull of the role of Wolverine and Tom Hardy may be in even better shape than that. If you could take one negative out of Hugh Jackman's run as Wolverine is that he stands at a fairly tall 6'2, the actual character of Wolverine only stands at a mere 5'3. Tom Hardy stands a bit shorter than Jackman coming in at around 5'8, still not actual height but its going to be hard to find a quality actor who has all the physical traits of Wolverine. The one thing that I might add about Hardy is that he doesn't exactly have the facial features to match Wolverine like Hugh Jackman does but with some makeup and some special effects its definitely possible. Tom Hardy is physically the perfect person that could step in and fill this role after Jackman's departure.

As you can very well see, Tom Hardy is an absolute monster, a Wolverine, if you will. He has the ability to just go wild and let loose on someone in a crazed rampage without little regard for his or their safety, much like Wolverine.

It's time for some fresh faces

I am of the belief that after [X-Men: Apocalypse](movie:1194267) they should reboot the series. It's time for the X-Men have a fresh run to keep up with the rest of the Marvel films and unfortunately I don't think it would quite work for much longer with this current cast. Hugh Jackman is outstanding as Wolverine, played the role with absolute perfection, but I mean he has been in the role since 2000! that's 15 years! Now I dont think any of us would have any issue's with him being Wolverine for another 30 years if he wants, but sometimes you just have to move on and I believe Tom Hardy is what they should be moving on to. Tom Hardy could bring a fresh new face to the franchise for years to come, much like Jackman has for 15 years.

Nothing is Official yet

While nothing is official yet, it is pretty fun to speculate. I want Tom Hardy to play this role because I believe his physical and acting ability is perfect for the character of Wolverine. If we cant have Tom Hardy there are a couple of other options that I had in mind.

Liam Hemsworth

Yes, i do believe that the younger brother to Thor, Chris Hemsworth, would actually make a halfway decent Wolverine. He definitely needs to bulk up a bit but i am a fan of his acting ability and he definitely could pull of some bad-ass Wolverine mutton chops. Only issue is that he is and definitely looks very young, a bit of a baby face if you will. That aside I think he could make a halfway decent option as Wolverine.

Bradley Cooper

I am a huge fan of Bradley Coopers work. Limitless was really the movie that made me sit back and really appreciate his acting. He has went on to star in films such as American Hustle and American Sniper. There are no questions about his acting ability and he is in fairly good shape, while again he would have to bulk up to be fit to play Wolverine. He has the facial features similar to that of Wolverine and I believe he could do fairly well as Wolverine. But unfortunately he is already casts as a Marvel character, providing the voice of Rocket Raccoon for Guardians of the Galaxy so it is unlikely we will see him as Wolverine.

Clint Eastwood

Yes, the gun slinging, wild west star of yesteryear. Understand I am speaking specifically if the go down the Old Man Logan road. It would be pretty cool to see Old Man Logan in an X-Men film and Clint Eastwood is perfect for it. He is the quintessential prototype of an bad ass who gets old. He still has that attitude about him that is very similar to Old Man Logan. Lets not forgot Clint Eastwood is one of the most legendary actors in history, anything featuring him has the potential to be a instant classic.

Tom Hardy is what an X-Men reboot would need

At the end of the day, if the talks of an X-men Reboot are in fact true, then Tom Hardy is exactly what it would need. He could be the perfect face of the franchise for years to come and I think he would absolutely kill it. Not only do I want to see him as Wolverine millions of others feel the same. I will be a little disappointed if he isn't, which probably is not the best mindset to have due to the fact that I am just merely speculating as to what Marvel and Twentieth Century Fox are thinking. It is good to have dreams though, and one of mine is to one day see Tom Hardy as Wolverine.

Thank You Hugh Jackman

For many, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine forever
For many, Hugh Jackman is Wolverine forever

I want to extend a special thank you to one man Hugh Jackman. Thank you so much for your work over the last 15 years. I was only 2 years old when the first X-Men film was released, even as a young child you were able to capture my imagination from what I grew up reading in my comics and transfer it to the big screen in a way I never would have though possible. Not only did you capture my attention, but millions upon millions of fans around the world who feel the same as I do. You will truly be missed and i must say I was quite distraught when i heard you would not be returning as Wolverine. It felt like a piece of my childhood was taken from me. Thank you again and good luck in your future endeavors Mr. Jackman.

Who Should be the next Wolverine?

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