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I got the opportunity to speak with Jeremy Irvine of Beyond The Reach, a Michael Douglas-produced action thriller about two men of very different backgrounds playing a deadly game of cat and mouse in the desert. It became clear early-on in the film and from speaking to Jeremy, that he has what it takes to take Hollywood by storm very soon.

Jeremy is of British descent and yet he was able to flawlessly pull off this playing Ben, an American from the Heartland. I asked him how it was playing a character who was forced to run away from and avoid Michael Douglas' crazed character, John Madec.

"It's a character that Michael Douglas does incredibly well, but as a person, Michael couldn't be further from that, I mean he is so warm and generous and so kind to me... I could just knock on the door of his trailer whenever I wanted for advice, or just to chat and we'd have dinner every evening and hang out at the bar, so as a young actor it was amazing."

Having the opportunity to be guided by Douglas, a bona fide legend in Hollywood, is incredibly useful for ANY actor, and especially for a young one - that's not a bad brain to pick.

"Just from watching him, watching a guy around 70, and he has this HUGE amount of energy and enthusiasm around films, and he clearly loves making movies... these people who have these extraordinarily long, impressive careers all just love making films. And I think you have to. For anyone getting into the industry who thinks it's all red carpets and glamour - it's anything but that.

So what's next for Jeremy after Beyond the Reach?

"My next movie coming out is a movie called Stonewall, Roland Emmerich's next film, where I play the lead in a movie about the Gay Rights riots in 1969 at the Stonewall Inn... every now and again you get to make a movie that's more than just a movie. It feels like it's a really important thing to be made. It certainly feels like that. Such a huge amount of the population that I hope that means something to. And straight people as well, it's a fascinating story."

He'll also appear in a love story called Fallen that is based on a young adult novel by Lauren Kate.

Go see Beyond the Reach out April 17th. And keep an eye out for Jeremy in Stonewall and Fallen, coming to theaters soon!


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