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Hey MoviePilot! Welcome to my first post! I'm hoping to make it a great one. In this post, im going to outline what I think will be present in the much anticpated teaser trailer for Zack Snyder's "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" that releases on Monday.

Bruce Wayne

This is somewhat of an obvious one. Ben Affleck's casting as Bruce Wayne was taken very harshly by fans due to his seemingly "poor acting skills". However, I'm expecting a very realistic take on Bruce Wayne from him. Affleck seems like a Prince Charming with boat loads of money kind of guy, and I definitely think he can pull it off.

Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne
Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne


This is also pretty much a given. Affleck is expected to bring a much more grizzled and experienced Batman whose been around for a while, probably like 20 years. I'm thinking we see some shots of Affleck in the suit, probably looking super badass as he beats the crap out of some goonies who try to rumble with the Bat. Also expect some shots of the Batcave.


This too is pretty much a given. I think we'll get plenty of great shots seeing Henry Cavill looking off into God-knows-where. I'm hoping for some shots of him using the Laser Vision on some goons and maybe we'll get lucky and see him show off some new powers, like the Ice Vision or him showing off his super strength.

Henry Cavill reprises role as Clark Kent/Superman
Henry Cavill reprises role as Clark Kent/Superman

Criticism of Superman

This is something I am personally looking forward to in BvS next year: the world taking to the introduction of the Kryptonians and the events that occurred during Man of Steel. Spoiler of Man of Steel following from here on out.

When General Zod reveals himself to Earth through his speech on every single electronic device with a satellite and speakers, the whole world is exposed ( Zod announces "You Are Not Alone" in several languages, including Spanish, English, Chinese, and Japanese). Following this, the world is stricken with fear with the knowledge than an alien is living on their planet among them. Eventually, Clark reveals to the world that he is Kal-El, former Kryptonian who was sent to protect Earth. This sparks total controversy around the world. After the destruction Superman causes in Metropolis when fighting against Zod and the other Kryptonians, it is seen how dangerous Superman. I think in the sequel, some people will begin to see Superman as something of a Christ figure, while I also think some will see him as a "false prophet". If you've seen some of the pictures of the supposedly leaked trailer, it shows a picture of a statue, probably Kal-El, with "FALSE GOD" spray painted onto the chest. This is probably someone who is enraged with the existence of Superman. We've seen set photos of rallies against the Man of Steel, which backs up my previous claim, along with pictures that look like a statue of Superman.

The Fight

Know, this is probably the hugest part of the entire movie, and arguably contends with movie fights like Darth Vader v Luke and Rocky vs. Apollo Creed. However, don't expect alot of the fight. What I'm thinking will happen is the initial confrontation of Batman and Superman, squaring off like an old Western film. They will exchange a few words with one another, and then Superman flying towards Batman and delivering the initial punch. Also, expect a previous confrontation with Bruce Wayne and Clark Kent.

Batman v Superman
Batman v Superman

Lex Luthor

This is also something I'm thinking should be in the trailer, but very possibly won't. Jesse Eisenberg has been in plenty of great movies, like ZombieLand, The Social Network, and Now You See Me. When fans heard of his casting, they were outraged. However, with the release of the picture of him as Lex, people are beginning to rethink. Not much is known about Luthor's role in the film, but he'll probably be the main antagonist. Expect a few shots of him, not any, probably him in a desk chair pondering about Superman.

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor
Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

What Not to Expect

A lot of major components from the film we probably won't see in the trailer. Don't expect any shots of young Bruce Wayne in an alleyway, definitely don't expect any shots of Jason Momoa as Aquaman or Gal Gadot's Wonder-Woman. Maybe we'll get a shot of Jeremy Iron's Alfred, and definitely don't expect any shots of full on fights between Batman and Superman. Also, don't expect Batman and Superman making up.


How accurate was I?


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