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When Marie was only 8-months old she was rushed to Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta.

She had burns and bruises, and had 14 fractures all over her body she was abused so bad that it left her paralyzed because she had a pinal cord injury.

The abusers were her Mother & Mother’s Boyfriend they were later both arrested & Marie was taken into the custody of Family and Children Services.

Just when all hope seemed lost Marie was adopted by a social worker named Michele Surprenant when she was only one year old.

Marie has never been able to walk and requires constant medical attention, her mother says & she also says she’s “a funny and intelligent third grader.”

Her New Mother

“She is now nearly 9 years old and is living proof that ‘social work works,'” she said. “Marie is a straight A student, has an adorable sense of humor and is wise beyond her years.”

After a discussion between Michele and Marie about social workers Marie was then told to write letter to the individuals that helped her.

So she did & Michele then posted it on Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta blog.

The warmful letter can be seen here....

If you have little hard time reading it here it is typed out....

Dear Social Workers and Detectives,

I want to thank you for making me happy by giving me a new warm and safe environment. Now I have a home that is nice and I have three nice meals a day.

This is Marie Rose Surprenant. When I was a baby I got hurt and you were on my case. When I was little I got hurt and wasn’t going to walk at all. I couldn’t walk because my spinal cord was broken and couldn’t be fixed. So they asked how I got hurt in the ER. But he lied and said that I fell out of bed. So then that’s when you got involved and solved my case and not letting the bad guy hurting me or anyone else.”

More from the letter....

If you have little hard time reading it here it is typed out....

“I think that if you never helped me my life would still be awful and lonely. Because they might not help me, not feed me or they would hit me when I cried. But now I’m much better. I now have a safe happy environment. I’m also around smart people.

Now my life is so much better. But the only thing that drives me crazy is our pet dog Jo. She snores as loud as a vacuum and sounds like a old man. I also have two cats their names are Gypsy and Mr. Fluffy. Gypsy is grey all over and has green eyes. She likes cat scratchers, she is very curious and likes to watch what we are doing all the time.”

A little more from her lovely letter .....

If you have little hard time reading it here it is typed out....

And Mr. Fluffy is a black and white cat with green eyes too. He likes to sleep on his beach chair all day from 10:am to 5:pm. But he’s active at night. I love pets but I love lizards. My favorite lizard is a bearded dragon. My class has a class pet that is a bearded dragon his name is Mr. Cuddles.

I wish that you keep doing what you do to make the world a better place and to make kids feel protected. I also wish that no matter how big or small the case is you will at least try and help the kids.



Michele says Marie is in need of a specialized wheelchair— both of which are not covered by insurance.

She need it because Marie being accepted to a trial study at Frazier Center Rehab in Kentucky she needs a special wheelchair.

If your willing & want to help Marie you can help her here...

she only has $6,025 as of now she needs to get $20K

Michele believes her daughter’s future is looking bright.

The pictures i used were from Face Book i just added the flowers to make her stand out even more.

This story is so sad no should ever beat their child even if they did something wrong theirs always a better way to handle your child such as talking to them.

Marie was born into a family that did not care about her which is so sad if you don't care about your children then don't have any.

No one has the right to Abuse their children its just so wrong at least Marie is still alive to enjoy life even if she can't walk.

But you can easily tell that doesn't stop Marie from enjoying her life to the fullest.


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