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Fox already wants a sequel to the sleeper hit Chronicle. So what better candidate for an origins story? Fans want to know where the crystal came from, so let's find out. How about this premise, "Matt continues to 'Lift Weights' [building his powers] and develops the ability to teleport. He meets a mystery girl who has, also acquired gifts. They are supercharged when they return to the cave. Soon they realize they are making small changes in the past. Can they effectively prevent the tragedy and restore balance? and could any changes actually alter fate? Discovery of another crystal shines a light and complicates things. Is it Andrew's destiny to succumb to his dark side? Or is this a new found hope?" Does this concept sound interesting? Share your comments and ideas, and thank you for your input. Below is the Synopsis [rough ideas].

“Chronicle 2”

By Mehki Bradley

Matt is devastated by his cousin’s death, as he replays everything. He continues “Lifting Weights” and develops new abilities. He teams up with Nikki and they return to the cave and get super charged. Matt gains the ability to manipulate time and Nikki is able to heal, which she tests on her Alzheimer addled grandmother.

Together they devise a plan, with the hope to erase the tragedy and after some failed attempts, they finally accomplish their goal. Nikki heals Andrew’s mom and all is well. The kids Matt, Andrew, Steve and now Nikki, bond and go on adventures as they grow closer.

They all decide to go to Europe for the New Years celebration, visiting Stonehenge, Dubai and Egypt, where they discover that there is another crystal. Their discovery is interrupted, when Andrew’s dad [Richard] nearly kills his mom [Karen] in a drunk driving crash.

They return home and Richard lies about what happened, but soon Karen dies from her severe wounds and with Andrew’s new abilities, there is no more hiding the truth. In an epic rampage, can Andrew be stopped from crashing a plane on which his father is trying to escape? Can his friends save all the innocent lives? Or have Matt and Nikki foolishly been trying to change, what is fated to be? Who will survive to expose the origins of the crystal?

Following is an excerpt from the treatment, treatments do not use quotations to indicate dialogue.

Chronicle 2 Treatment, excerpt;

Outside, around sunset, they are wandering past the pyramids of Giza. The sun disappears over the horizon, they take full flight. Matt says, we’re getting close, I can feel it. Steve adds, We can ALL feel it. Then it happens, Matt starts to glow, then Nikki. They stop and drop to the ground. Matt says it’s close, I feel energized this time but not overwhelmed. Yeah, Nikki adds, I feel acclimated this time. They keep walking then Matt stops, We’re here, It’s just ahead below. His eyes glow brighter, he tips his head back, raises his arms and yells, AAAAAAAH! The sands part like the Red Sea and reveal a stairway leading down, down, down. There is a stone covered entrance, the others start push sand aside and what appears to be a buried pyramid, begins to emerge. With the pathway cleared they descend the stone steps, Andrew moves the huge boulder out of the way and they enter. There is a huge stone box, like a sarcophagus, but with no lid, it’s not been looted. There are numerous offerings to the gods. Matt looks at the others. Steve says, that’s not it, that’s not what drew us here. They shine their lights around. Nikki says, there’s no other passages or doorways. Andy moves the sarcophagus aside, nothing underneath, and says, there’s no other entrance. Steve floats down thru the floor. Andy and Nikki are stunned, they look at Matt, he says, Yeah I knew he could do that. There is an awkward silence as they wait, finally Steve comes back up, You’re right there is NO entrance, there’s a cave, They built this pyramid to block the cave. Nikki asks, Why would they do that? Steve looks at Matt and holds out his arm they lock wrists and phase thru the floor.

Inside the cave. Look, Steve points down the long entrance. They look and see a familiar glow, now Matt’s glow has faded. Steve says, it’s gone you’re back to normal. Matt says, It’s like it was just meant to lead us here and now that we found it... Steve tells Matt to grab Nikki and he’ll get Andrew. He nods.

Inside the chamber. Matt teleports in and grabs Nikki, she says , you’re not glowing. He says, I know, then they vanish. Andy says, Hey what about me? He stands there alone, then he leans on the edge of the stone box. After a moment, Steve comes up and tells him to grab on, this might feel weird. Then they both drop down. Steve reaches back up to grab the light.

Inside the cave, they make their way done the path. They are so far underground that water trickles down the walls in some spots, as the near the glow, they hear an underground waterfall. They come to the end, the room widens to a good size cavern. There is a shallow body of water surrounding a new crystal that is on a raised island and the waterfall off to the side. There are a few skulls and skeletons strewn about. Nikki is freaked, What is this, they’re not mummies? Egyptians didn’t bury anyone like this, not even slaves. Andrew says, It’s like they were executed. Nikki adds, And why just leave them where they lay? Matt points at the crystal and says, It’s because of that, something to do with that. Andrew and Steve begin crossing the water. Andrew says with excitement, it’s different there’s no sound coming from it. His nose starts to bleed a little, Steve notices and checks his and as with Matt the blood droplets float toward the spires. Steve speaks up, That didn’t happen the first time, when my nose bled. They both reach out to touch it, there is a flash and a concussive wave of light that emanates from the crystal, Matt and Nikki are both knocked back. When they gain their senses they realize Andy and Steve have both vanished. Nikki asks, Matt, What happened? Where'd they go? Matt shrugs and says, I don’t feel them anymore. Do you? She shakes her head, they’re totally gone. With a knowing expression they both turn their heads towards the crystal and they cross the water, they hold hands and touch it. Flash they are gone.

Inside a different cave, they have all warped to another crystal. Steve and Andy are on the ground covering there ears, the sound fades and they rise. The four of them look at this crystal, in unison they all ask, Where are we? Matt says, Hold on I’ll see if I can find out. He teleports,

Outside, of the cave and realizes that they have traveled home. With a look of relief, he smiles and puts his hand over his beating heart, he lets out a sigh of relief and teleports,

Inside the cave. Everyone asks in unison, Well, where are we? Matt laughs, then they all start laughing, he tells them they are home. They notice the crystal is no longer emitting the sonic discharges. Whoa, Steve says, it stopped, Do you suppose that sound was like some sort of homing beacon, that just kept repeating until this crystal was connected to the other crystal? Everyone looks surprised at the logic that just came out of Steve’s mouth, he continues, so now it’s like a warp. Steve speculates, I bet those remains in Egypt, were sacrificed or punished... beheaded for being demons or false gods, they killed them and covered up the cave, for their blasphemy. Matt says, Yeah, I think you’re right, Matt speaks up, And it wasn’t even their fault, could you imagine if it was us back then? They would have struck us down, just for accidently finding this. Everyone takes a sombre pause. Matt says, So what do we do now?


Andrew's not alone this time.


I've always been invisible, see if they can ignore me NOW!


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