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A new Star Wars: Episode VII trailer was revealed today at Celebration, and although it's just a "teaser," it shows a ton of new stuff.

First of all, make sure you've watched the trailer before we go any further!

As confirmed in the livestream this morning, this isn't Tatooine. Instead, it's a new planet called "Jakku" (J'Coo? JyaQuoo? Jacu?), although clearly we don't have the spelling down yet.

This planet is where Daisy Ridley's character Rey lives. She's a scavenger who makes a home out of an abandoned ship scrapyard, foraging for what she needs.

If you missed the stream, here's what she looks like:

That little blip in the left hand corner looks like Rey's speeder bike from the first trailer...

... Which zips into this amazing landscape. Remnants of the war between the Rebel Alliance and the Empire? That's definitely a wrecked X-Wing and Star Destroyer, so it seems likely.

We then hear the voice of Luke Skywalker: "The Force is strong in my family."

"My father has it." Holy crap, Vader's helmet survived.

This is almost definitely Luke, in exile somewhere. He still has R2-D2 though, and his robo-hand.

"My sister has it."

A child hands a lightstaber to a woman. From the accompanying VO, are we to assume this is Leia? It's hard to tell from just the hands, although she is wearing a giant ring, so that might help identify her later.

That's not just any lightsaber though, that's Anakin Skywalker's... the one that Luke lost in Cloud City. Who found it?

On closer inspection, that's probably not a child either (at least not a human one). Check out the shape of her face.

"You have that power too." Who is Luke talking to here? Finn or Rey? His son (unconfirmed, but very much rumored)?

A beautiful shot of some X-Wing's flying over water. Note that these are the new models we saw in the first teaser, and not the classix X-Wing design from the original trilogy.

Here's Poe Dameron again, played by Oscar Isaac. According to the livestream this morning, he's on a secret mission from Princess Leia herself.

Kylo Ren being evil, etc.

Rey, Finn, and BB-8 running from an explosion. The location looks like Rey's scrapyard home. Does Finn's presence bring on some kind of an attack? You can see a little Tie Fighter in the distance on the left-hand side.

Kylo Ren using some force powers. Some more images of the character leaked this morning if you want a better look at that mask.

The new Stormtroopers on some icy planet (Hoth?).

Notice the insignia in the background, that's not the old Imperial Crest...

Rey looking up at...

Tie Fighters? The coloring is slightly different, but those are pretty close to the ones we saw in the original trilogy. I'm wondering if these are the guys who blow up the scrapyard as we saw earlier.

A Tie Fighter opens fire in an Imperial hangar. I would guess that this how Finn escapes, and eventually crash lands on that planet (the opening scene from the first trailer). Rumor has it that this might be the opening of the film, featuring Finn and a captured Poe Dameron.

You can also see a better look at the new Tie Fighter design in these shots. Check out those white wing panels.

Which may be why he's featured in the next shot of the trailer, pulling off his Stormtrooper helmet. Maybe witnessing something that moves him to leave the Empire? Earlier rumors stated that Finn disobeys orders after watching his fellow Stormtroopers burn a civilian village.

Some ships (including one that resembles a modified Lambda-class shuttle) approach a very beefy looking Star Destroyer. That Star Destroyer is definitely not the same kind we saw in the original trilogy. It seems Imperial tech has continued to advance.

The Chrome Trooper, a Stormtrooper commander heavily rumored to be played by Gwendoline Christie.

BB-8 playing peek-a-boo. The interior looks like the Millennium Falcon (which we'll see again later on in the teaser), which leads me to believe that Rey and her droid discover it crash landed.

Rey giving Finn a hand.

The Falcon gets chased through the wreck of a giant ship. My friend thinks the engines look a lot like the Consular-class cruiser from The Phantom Menace. If this is the new planet though, it's more likely some kind of crashed Imperial ship, maybe that Star Destroyer we saw earlier.

This Tie Fighter pilot's armor looks a bit shiny, maybe it's the Chrome Trooper?

Compare it to the original Tie Fighter pilot gear, which had a matte finish.

"Chewie, we're home." If we're assuming this is the Falcon's interior, than that shot with BB-8 earlier is definitely the Falcon as well.

The Force Awakens opens on December 18.

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