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A rumor is circling around that Marvel and ABC are developing an Agents of Shield spin off. This is great news! Many people stopped watching the show during season 1, but since then it has vastly changed in a good way. I have developed several ideas that could very possibly be the next series.

Spoilers Ahead!


Ever since her intro onto the show, she has become a fan favorite. It is very possible she will rejoin Coulson's team, but if not she would be a great character for a show. One of Marvels problems is that their TV shows are about supporting movie characters. After the success of [Daredevil](movie:47230) , Flash, and Arrow it is extremely likely that ABC will follow in there footsteps by making a TV show about a mainstream hero.

Spider Woman

Spider-woman is yet to appear in the MCU
Spider-woman is yet to appear in the MCU

so, you might be scratching heads reading this, but I have an interesting theory that might work. Rumors say that the show will be based on a larger comic character, and spider- woman is one of the most popular character that hasn't be introduced to the MCU. On [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](series:722469) , Coulson says he will go after Dr. List, a Hydra scientist that is interested in powered people. Spider Woman started off with Hydra, and how cool would it be if that is how she was introduced in the show. Her origin could be changed to an inhuman, and she could be forced to work for Hydra, similar to how Akila was controlled with a bomb in her head in season one. Then Coulson saves her and she gets her own show. Maybe she will even have her own shield team with already introduced characters. If this is done right, it could be very similar to the CW's biggest hit ever, The Flash. Spider Woman recently got a new makeover that could blend in very well with the MCU. Her powers are strength, speed, venom blast, and emotion controlling pheromones. This would be an amazing show.


Deathlok is a powerful and amazing marvel character who has already been introduced. There is so much potential for him to have his own show. Even if he does not get his own show, he could easily show up as a regular in a show like avengers academy or secret warriors.

Avengers academy

This could easily be the show that sets up a strong version of the x-men in the MCU. Last episode there was a rumor given by Mac suggesting that Coulson is making a base for powered people. This could easily set up the avengers academy. Not only would this possible set up a young avengers, but it would also introduce so many characters that do not have a chance in the movies. One potential character could be Nova, a kid who is given a nova corps helmet and uses it to fight crime on earth and in space. Many characters, even if they were not in the avengers academy could be introduced. Kate Bishop, the protege of Hawkeye could be introduced, and that could set potential for one heck of a crossover. White tiger is a major comic book character, with potential cross over for Dr. Strange and would be an amazing addition to any show. In the comics, reptil, an amazing character, is the student leader and could be a possible inhuman. Rocket racer, though not powered having tech instead, would be an interesting dynamic on this type of show. This show could also have many possible heroes that could be faculty. Tigra, who could be a student or a teacher, is a character that many fans want on agents of shield and could add an interesting dynamic, possibly being introduced as an inhuman. Ultimately, so many great characters could be introduced on this show. The Inhumans dynamic on Agents of Shield is so popular that it could easily be an explainer as how the characters got powers.


This pobobly won't happen because they are already a big part in agents of Shield and an Inhumans movie is already coming out. It would be interesting to explore a show with Gordon, Lincoln, Jaiying, and even Skye and Raina.

Scarlet witch and quicksilver

So I know this is unlikely but hear me out. We know Agents of Shield is crossing with avenger. We also know Dr. List will be in Agent of Shield who was in the post credit scene with quicksilver and Scarlet Witch. How cool would it be if these characters came to the small screen after there run on Avengers. Whedon, the Avengers director, is also working with Agents of shield. I know it is unlikely, but there are a lot of signs that point in its favor.

Secret Warriors

There are a lot of Rumors online that this will be the spin off show. In the comics Nick Fury assembled this team that includes Quake, who is already in Agents of Shield. How cool would it be to have a version of avengers on TV. If this were to happen Coulson would probably assemble the team before going back to his show, and Skye, quake, will be the leader. Deathlok and even mockingbird could also be potential members. Slingshot has super speed and would be a fun addition to the show. Phobos is an extremely powerful character, that could be introduced as an inhuman,who can control the fear of people. Absorbing man has already been introduced, and adding his son, stonewall, would create an interesting dynamic. Sebastian Druid is a sorcerer that could provide an amazing crossover with Doctor Strange. Even Lincoln could possibly be on this show

Black Cat

This is one of my favorite marvel characters. She could provide connection with spider man and could even be introduced as an ex shield agent. A show about her could be interesting and fun. However, it is much more likely she will appear on a Netflix show.


Who do you want to see a spin off about


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