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Ryan Url

Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer 2 was released tonight. It is probably the greatest thing I have seen this entire year, and I haven't even seen Avengers Age of Ultron yet.


In this trailer, we got to see the everything we wanted. We got to see next generation X-wings, the new empire, a great look at the new face of the Dark Side, and lastly, the best shot of this whole video, Han and Chewie back together. Another thing that was cool though, was to see our new heroes and to get an idea of their importance to the film. JJ Abrams has ultimately proved that he will bring us the Star Wars we deserve.


Even though there could have been more to see, we can get a great idea of what we will see next. First of all, we got to see our first look at the new lightsaber in combat. Now there are many who disagree with the new saber design, it looks like it will surprise us all. Hopefully, we will see more saber battle in the near future. Then we got to see our original heroes. Han and Chewie's appearance in this trailer just made it the most exciting. When we see our next trailer, it would be the best thing ever if we finally got to see a little more of Luke, maybe 3P0 and Leia. Lastly, more shots of the force being brought back. What we really need is to see is just how they intend to bring back the force.


We are almost there everyone. 7 1/2 months and we will get to see the return of the most amazing sci fi franchise of our century. So all I can say is this; Please Lucas Films, bring us more. But not too much, keep us in suspense, it will only bring us more happiness when that beautiful day comes when we return to a galaxy far, far away...


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