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Now, I Must first say that i will be seeing this movie. No Matter If It Turns Out To Be Absolutely Stupid And Horrible Production I WILL be Seeing this movie.

Now, as I'm sure many of you know about the " Five Nights At Freddys " Indie Game Franchise Which Has Recently come to an end (Or So We Think) Made By Scott Cawthon Is A Horror game where you are inside a restaurant with Animatronics that move about the The restaurant with free will. But Heres The Catch... They Try to get inside your office and kill you.

Enough about the game, Lets Jump In to the movie.

As Of right now we know nothing about the movie. We suppose its going to be about the " Bite Of '87 ," Which if you don't know what that is you will have to Go Watch Some Of Markiplier's videos on Fnaf ( I WILL PUT LINK AT END OF ARTICLE) To Find Out Because theres a huge background that i don't feel like going into right now.

Now I have looked at a couple of trailers and they all look fake. So there is not A Trailer As Of Now. But In the future the most likely will be.

I have talked to a few people who have gone deep into research about this particular movie, I asked What Time the movie was scheduled to be released. They ( Not Saying Names) said That It Should Be Sometime between late 2016 and Early 2017.

Now Hold On To Your Jiblets For A couple years and it will be here i promise.

Markiplier Link:


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