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Flint Johnson

In my blogs I have mentioned the new Battlestar Galactica series a few times, with its beautifully drawn characters, the varied and engrossing plot that was everything that Sci Fi should be, and the unexpected twists. Honestly, if I could ever create anything that clever and real in my writing I would happily retire knowing I would never be able to top it.

So when I bring up this next topic, please keep in mind where I am coming from – a place of deep respect and awe for the universe. A few days ago I learned that the same person who created the original series will come out with a reboot movie next year. I admit, I’m starved for BSG. I devoured the soap opera Caprica series, I saw some potential in the prequel movie Blood and Chrome, and I have been waiting for someone to say they have managed a script that lives up to the series for a movie or even a miniseries. I would love to see the surviving players back for another hurrah!

But to go from the gold that was the BSG cast and backdrop to anything less will be torture. I have seen the best Sci Fi t.v. show ever. I suppose it’s possible that something better will come along (alright inevitable), but I very much doubt that this show will ever be topped, and I am confident that it will be awhile before anyone does a better series. Besides, I don’t want to see another cast. BSG II came out hardly a decade ago. The cast are all still active and healthy. It feels like it would have if someone had tried to recast Star Trek in 1976 with a movie. It was another decade after that before that crew made their last movie, and only the start of a sequel t.v. show finally allowed the public to move on. That gives us another decade at least before we could be ready for another version of BSG.

And to be honest, Wagon Train to the Stars doesn’t hold a candle to the second version of Battlestar Galactica. Nor do any of the Star Trek shows.


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