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Today, the rumored official trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was leaked on the internet. This leaked trailer has more credence than other supposed "leaks" because Warner Brothers is taking down the trailer so that you cannot see it anymore. Watch the full trailer Monday at an IMAX theater near you! Here is a link to the trailer, watch it soon, it will probably be taken down shortly:

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In case the trailer has been taken down at the time you view this article here is a description of the trailer with a short discussion of important points in the trailer:

The trailer starts off with a man asking us if it is surprising that the most powerful man in the world is the subject of so much controversy. Then it goes to multiple different voices all debating about Superman and his intentions. Then it switches to a crowd chanting what sounds like "Go away" to Superman, while slowly revealing a fallen statue of Superman with the words "False God"written on it. Then we switch to Ben Afleck listening to Alfred telling him "Rage, the feeling of powerlessness, it turns good men... cruel". Right before Alfred says "cruel" the trailer shows us the batsuit. The trailer then goes on to show us the Batplane and the Batmobile in use very briefly and then Batman in costume standing with a small fire behind him. The trailer then switches to a shot of Batman atop a building watching over the city. Then, the trailer switches to a shot of the robotic Batsuit from The Dark Knight Returns. Then we Superman in the sky and Batman says " Tell me... Do you bleed?" As Superman smashes down into the ground the screen goes black and Batman says "You will..." Then the logo appears.


This was a long rumored part of the movie. The trailer confirms these rumors that the controversy over Superman is a big theme of the film. This is likely due to the destruction in Metropolis in the first movie as well as Superman's godlike power. This may serve as a basis for much of the movie as roughly half the trailer shows us the controversy surrounding Superman. This is likely to address the concerns of those who felt that Superman got off easy for all the destruction he caused in Man of Steel.

Superman Statue:

This is the Fallen Superman Statue. This also confirms previous rumors about many people hating Superman. This suggests that there are actually riots protesting Superman as the statue is laying on the ground.


This is the image of the Batsuit that was shown in the teaser for the trailer. This is presumably inside the Batcave.

Batman vs Superman:

This is, in my opinion, the best part of the trailer. Batman is ready to take on Superman and make him bleed (Batman's own words). From the looks of it (the suit and Batman wanting to beat Superman into a pulp) this fight looks like it will be based off of the famous fight in Dark Knight Returns.


Did you like the trailer for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice?


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