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Laura Barns, a student who was the victim of intense bullying when a video of her passed out drunk at a party went viral, committed suicide one year ago. Today, six of her classmates join a Skype conversation and notice a mysterious entity in the conversation with them. Is it a glitch? After all, it IS logged into Laura’s account…

When the “glitch account” begins threatening the friends, logging out is not an option. Play its game and survive; that’s all there is to it…right?

There are a few things you should know about before logging into Skype tonight (trust me on this one, I’m trying to help you out):

  • You should brush up on your “Never Have I Ever” skills (but don’t forget, the mastermind behind Laura’s account knows when you’re lying!) and don’t you DARE ask how to play…
  • If you rat your friends out, you’re one step closer to survival.
  • Telling your significant other not to watch something you don’t want them to see is only going to make them want to look more.
  • If Laura asks you a question, answer. Calmly.

Oh, and most importantly: there are a few items you should make sure aren’t laying around when you log in:

Your blender

This common household item used for making smoothies, soups, and sauces can easily turn into a weapon when you’re dealing with Miss Laura Barns. Please make sure to dispose of this (directly into your trash can is not enough, you should probably smash it on the ground a few times to make sure it’s destroyed) before chatting with friends. No, I’m not kidding.

Your mirror

I know, this one is going to be tough for a lot of us. We have our webcams and cell phone cameras to make sure we’re looking top-notch when chatting with a dead girl, but our mirror is one of the most convenient ways to not blur our imperfections! But I implore you, stay away from your mirror. In fact, don’t tell your parents why (or if you live alone, you can skip avoiding your parents…) and just dispose of anything reflective. Or sharp. You know, anything someone can slice you with.

Embarrassing pictures and videos

We all have pictures on Facebook and Instagram that we’re not proud of. In fact, most likely, our friends have more of those than we do. (Who hasn’t had a sleeping picture surface at some point?) Make sure you throw those in your trash bin, empty your trash bin…wait, what do you mean you can’t delete it? The trash bin won’t empty? …Yeah, I’d run if I were you. You should have listened!


Laura gets really cranky when you get out of line, so you should avoid putting anything in your system that may impair your judgement. So I’m sorry, if you were planning on having a crazy evening with your friends on Skype with the girl you like, you’re going to have to pass on that fourth glass of Jack and Coke.


You know what? If you want to make this easier on yourself and all of your friends, you should just get rid of your Skype account. Maybe even your computer. It’s probably for the best.

Heed my advice, and you might make it through chatting with Laura!

Now here's my review of the film:

The trailers do the movie no justice. I wish that someone could have come up with a better way to advertise Unfriended, because the film has a message that shouldn't be missed.

For anyone that is involved in the culture of social media, (if you're reading this right now, you count!) Unfriended truly teaches us that our actions online have consequences. They just do it in a way that is far more extreme...and gory, and violent, and intense.

As stated above, the movie is intense. I often found myself covering my mouth and gasping- it's hard to handle because you can picture yourself in the shoes of these characters.

I highly suggest you all go see it, whether you're fans of horror or not. This movie really has something to say, and I think everyone should hear it. However, if you are a horror fan, this is still a fun film to see with a different perspective than any other horror movie you've seen in recent years!

Unfriended is out in theaters today!


Have you seen Unfriended? What did you think?!


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