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For those of us who are caught up on Arrow then we know the feud and hostility between Captain Lance and Oliver Queen. Captain Lance appears to be on a manhunt for the Arrow & Oliver Queen hoping to pin everything on both of them on his not so wrong hunch that they are one and the same. However actor Paul Blackthorne who portrays Captain Lance is on an even bigger mission. This involving elephants. Yes elephants. Not a superhero with an elephant costume, actual rare creatures that he has focused his efforts into saving. Paul has launched a T Shirt campaign that supports the cause. It' s not a bad looking Tee either. So who is on his side? Pretty much everyone from the Arrow cast has been seen on social media sporting one of these fancy shirts, and yes even the Arrow himself Mr. Amell is on Captain Lance's side in this case. Oh yeah and not just the Arrow cast dons the Tee. This famous lady also sports Paul's face and message for a cause.

That's right the best crossover of all Arrow and The Big Bang Theory together at last, thanks to Paul Blackthorne and Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting. Now if we can only get Kat Dennings in a Sincereiously shirt.

This brings me to a bigger point, can all celebrities engage in social media as well as the Arrow cast? It would be fantastic to see and I know many do to support causes, but the Arrow cast hands down has the edge here by uploading Q&A's tweeting fans and yes also getting on their soap boxes for causes near and dear to there heart. They go above and beyond just asking fans to donate. They launch entire campaigns that get shirts sold, which in turn raises money and awareness for causes. The Arrow cast has an awesome social media rep with fans and rightfully so from their Meme Mondays to Fan Art Fridays. If you want to be a part of these fun social media interactions with your favorite Arrow stars follow them on Twitter Facebook and Instagram. Even if you don't do art or memes some make a heck of a read.

So if you want to be awesome and love to keep wildlife around and wild then get on the wagon that the Arrow-verse is already on and join a cause. So if you like Paul Blackthorne's face and elephants click the link to snag a tee.


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