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It's been a while since Sony announced that they were developing a live-action movie reboot based on the teenage sorceress, Sabrina. The adolescent magic wielder is being re-imagined in a new film that hopes to bring the character to the silver screen and back to the forefront of pop culture and what better way to do that then to give her a heroic-bent, yes, that's right, Sony plans to re-imagine Sabrina as a superhero similar to spider-man, about a girl coming to terms with her remarkable powers ( cue the dead aunt comments). The character was never really depicted as a superhero, she simply got caught up in magical misadventures, causing her to run afoul of mystical villains plotting in the shadows. Question is, will this movie do what Sony wants it to do?

Sony has stated that they have big plans for this character and that it presents the oppurtunity to start a possibly successful franchise led by a strong female protagonist. There was also word that Salem would actually be Sabrina's love interest, A prince that ends up trapped within the form of a cat. You're probably thinking that the love interest angle for Salem is a bad idea and it probably is. However there are a number of ways to spin it into something more layered and exciting. The prince could be evil but he simply uses his charm to manipulate and occasionally endanger Sabrina, all under the guise that he loves her. You could also start the prince out as evil, but slowly he comes to the side of good after Sabrina manages to change his mind through acts of acts of courage and sacrifice. It's best to wait and see how they handle the love interest angle because it may not be what it seems.

It's clear that some of you are vehemently opposed to the idea of a remake because you are convinced beyond a shadow of doubt that it will suck and tarnish the legacy of the original in the process. There is also the chance this could be decent,odds are around 50/50,maybe 60/40. Then again some might sing a different tune if they can get actors such as Melissa Joan hart to join the project. At the end of the day we can only hope for films to turn out the way we want unless we are the ones making, creating, writing, and directing them. Hopefully sony allows the director and creative team to do their jobs without significant interference.


Sabrina,The teenage Witch does not yet have a release date


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