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It had to happen sooner or later! I mean, Did the WB really think we could hold our nerdgasms in til Monday? Of Course Not! Best Part is that it's not from YouTube, so WB Entertainment has yet to take it down.

BVS: Trailer URL

My Breakdown

"Is it really surprising, that the most powerful man in the world, should be a figure of controversy?"

It seems as if our Man of Steel has stirred up quite a bit of controversy after destroying all of Metropolis in the battle that took place with Zod in the last film

"Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely."

To some, he is viewed as a savior, a symbol of hope, and even a religious figure. To others, a terrorist, a harbinger of death who desolates cities.

"The world has been so caught up in what he can do, that no one has asked what he should do."

It is then, we hear "Go Home" chanted over and over again by and undoubtedly angry crowd, while seeing "FALSE GOD" painted in red over the "S" on a statue of Superman. Seems like not many people are excepting of an alien in a blue tights. Clearly some people don't want Superman on Earth, and will protest to get him to leave "our planet". Alfred narrates as we see Bruce Wayne fiercely staring at his cape and cowl and we also get a look at what appears to be the Bat-Wing and the Bat-Mobile!

"Tell me... Do you bleed? You will!!!" ~ BatFleck

The dark final words of the trailer.

Is that a threat? I feel like that's a threat.

My Reactions To The BVS Trailer

Get Giphy With It!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Soars Into Theaters On March 25th, 2016!


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