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It seems the excitement for this movie is bigger then anticipated (not really). This movie has been teased and planned for a very long time appearing in I Am Legend many years ago. The trailer leaked online over night although I am not going to post a link here because that is not the ethical thing to do, I did view it and it was not very good quality so you can look for it if you like but it might just be better to wait the three days and watch it on it's release. It is only a teaser trailer so it doesn't give you much from what I saw you only see the two main guys and doesn't seem to show Wonder Women or Aquaman so that is a bit disappointing but as I said it is only a teaser. There is a voice over throughout but because of the quality I cannot pick out which actor it is. Let's just talk about that last line at the end of it "Do you bleed? You will." the voice seems to be coming from Bats himself because why would Superman ask a human if he bleeds and the voice one again I don't know if this is cause of the terrible audio from the video or not but the voice is very digitally distorted and deep and I hope this isn't his official voice because if it is that will just lower my excitement for the movie because even though Bale's voice was ridiculous at least it was his actual voice but I hope they aren't silly enough to keep it as that there is still a year between now and the release of this movie it could change. This movie's subtitle is Dawn of Justice which means this is the one to introduce us to a-lot of the guys such as the aforementioned Wonder Woman and Aquaman also Robin, The Flash and Cyborg will be making an appearance I have changed my mind from before when I said Ben Affleck's voice has lowered my excitement if his voice is weird they'll fix it in the next one if this is done right this movie is going to be very good. There is a-lot of strange castings in this film such as Jeremy Irons as Alfred Pennyworth but the biggest shocker in all of this was Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor, this DC Cinematic Universe has made a-lot of calls not expected and I think we all question there decisions because of the MCU and how well that has done and although (clearly) I am a very big Marvel fan I often enjoy DC films the Dark Knight is one of my favourite comic films of all time and I believe that this universe can work will it ever catch up to Marvel's? It is going to take a-lot of time and hard work but I believe that these two companies will have great competition amongst one another.

This is a different universe that I am used to writing about so I may be a little off with my facts but I have fact checked. Check out what the characters look like so far down below.

Henry Cavil returns as Superman

Ben Affleck as Batman

Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

Jason Mamoa as Aquaman

Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor

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